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Youth Programs at the North Brevard Art League - Titusville, Forida

North Brevard Art League, formerly Titusville Art League North Brevard Art League
1421 Draa Road • P.O. Box 6133
Titusville, FL 32782-6133


Poets & Painters

TAL Poets & Painters #1
TAL Poets & Painters #2

Poets & Painters Meet at NBAL

Poems are exchanged and art/poet pairings are arranged. Poets create a poem inspired by the painting. Painters create a painting inspired by the poem.

If you are interested in participating, please plan to attend the next meeting. All are welcome.

A "Poets and Painters Symposium" is an annual event. Preliminary meetings are held periodically during the year to prepare for the final presentations of the poems and paintings.

TAL Poets & Painters #3
TAL Poets & Painters #4

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