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Station Door

A new book by Frank Dienst




                                                dream conscious



                           Blink change

                               Synaptic burst


                             real to unreal


                      Turning tangible

                             To mist soft thought


                      Each coming together

                             Of form and light

                                    A new story




About the Book


            The newest book from award-winning photographer Frank Dienst, Station Door pauses on life’s milestones and immortalizes the American landscape. Printed by Stinehour Press, this collection of film-captured black and white photographs is the author’s second self-published book. Station Door is a striking departure from its predecessor, Wetland Voices, delving deep into the human experience with original verse written by the author. The hazily lit images of the desolate, rural South juxtaposed with scenes of city life glitter with clarity and irony. Dienst’s images offer more than just beautiful compositions; every photograph leads with a social commentary that never lets the viewer forget there is always something more behind the author’s intuitive eye.


Released December 2006

95 pages/ ISBN 978-0-9669505-1-9

Available for $45 at


About the author


            Author Frank Dienst has pursued photography and alternate modes of visual expression for over 30 years. His first book, Wetland Voices, was published in 1999 and won numerous awards and accolades. He is a practicing physician who lives in Mims, Florida with his wife Marilyn. He has two children, Teddy and Jennifer, and a shih-Tzu. When not tinkering in the darkroom he can be found playing the guitar.


Praise for both


            “…Station Door is a meditative visual reflection on life’s journey and some of the stops along the way: stops of the uncertainties of life, some of the dark times, some of the spiritual longing, and some of the everyday events…”

 – Dr. Richard Zakia, Professor Emeritus, Rochester Institute of Technology


            “…[Dienst’s] photography began with a keen aesthetic, black and white Florida flora imagery in Wetland Voices. Station Door shows a remarkable artistic growth and strong voice…”

–Pam Harbaugh, Florida Today


            “…Dienst has a wonderful eye and a unique vision which certainly deserves to be better known. The images are exceptional and certainly among the best landscape and nature work I have seen. Lovers of fine black and white photography would be remiss not to add this book to their collection…”

                                                            -Praise for Wetland Voices from Shutterbug magazine


            “…Frank Dienst’s black and white photographs capture the stark beauty and intricate wonder of Florida’s natural world. The photographs in this impressive coffee-table book are simple- burned palmettos, fallen tree pines, blooming wildflowers, tangled roots- but they convey the transcendent power of nature…”

                                                -Praise for Wetland Voices from the Tampa Tribune-Times


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