Wet Land Voices - Dyamic photography of Florida wetlands

Frank Dienst - Wetland Voices

By Frank T. Dienst

Frank Dienst currently lives and works in Brevard County, Florida.
His photographs of the wet lands have received numerous awards and have been widely collected and exhibited.

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"Wet Land Voices" explores man's connection to our natural environment and the visceral language between man and nature. It is a language that can be understood partially by developing sensitivity to nature's symbolism. Standing on the edge of the wet lands at dusk, following the slowly receding light, sensing the slowly moving water, one can feel those ancient voices, natural voices, vibrating and connecting one again, producing a feeling of being part of a much larger whole.
Frank Dienst
5430 Amy Way
Mims, FL 32754
Fax: (321) 268-3719
e-mail: marilyn.dienst@frankdienst.com
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