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"Libraries are not made; they grow"

A Brief History of the Mims/Scottsmoor Library

The Beginning:

Jill Ball, Doc Clingenpeel, Robert Smith, Commissioner Truman Scarborough, George Nolan, Jo Ann Katrick, June Horner

The modulars being set up at their new home

Our Previous Library

Main Room of the Mims-Scottsmoor Public Library

Children's Room & Stacks

September 9, 2015
The Future of the Mims/Scottsmoor Public Library
Robin L. Fisher, District 1 Commissioner


Have you noticed the sign above the large meeting room in our library? It proclaims:The Friends Horner and Katrick Room. That sign honors June Horner and JoAnn Katrick, two energetic women who devoted manyyearsof work to achieving their admirable goal of having a public library in the Mims/Scottsmoor area.

Mr. and Mrs. Horner, along with Mr. and Mrs. Katrick, knew that they faced quite a struggle. According to library records and newspaper articles, June Horner initiated efforts to obtain a library. Mr. and Mrs. Horner were patrons of Titusville Library, but that was a long drive away. After speaking with Kathryn Stewart (Director of Library Services for Brevard County) and gaining the support of prominent businessman Mr. Frank Buckoski, a meeting was arranged with Mr. Scarborough (County Commissioner for District I) in Sept. 1993.

To show community support for a library, petitions were placed at dozens of businesses, schools, and churches. Mrs. Katrick helped Mrs. Horner distribute and collect petitions. On Nov. 16, 1993, Mr. Buckoski, Mrs. Horner, and Mrs. Katrick appeared before the County Commissioners with petitions with 1700 signatures.

After gaining permission to proceed, this committee of three held monthly meetings, organized fundraisers, and established the "Friends of the Library" (a non-profit organization). June Horner was president of the Friends. A letter on March 23, 1995, written by JoAnn Katrick, Secretary of the Friends of the Community Library Center of Mims/Scottsmoor, detailed efforts to raise funds for paperwork fees; to establish the library on Pinewood Elementary campus so property would not have to be purchased; and to find modular units to house the library. Further, JoAnn described a Friends Membership Drive, and invited everyone to attend a Used Book Sale Fundraiser to be held on April 29 and 30, 1995. The letter ended with a request for community members to send letters supporting the library to County Commissioners.

That their efforts to gain community support for a new N. Brevard Library were successful is shown by the results.

In Sept. 1996, the County Commission allocated $105,000 to move the units from Titusville to the campus of Pinewood Elementary School.

A Florida Today editorial, Jan. 27, 1998 noted: "Having a county public library in their community will be convenient, especially for avid readers and students, and the education center should serve as a focal point for a variety of activities in the Mims/Scottsmoor area. All those involved in the project have reason to be proud of the progress made so far. Now the county and school district should press on and get the new facility up and running this summer."

The Mims/Scottsmoor Community Library opened for business on December 15, 1998, followed by a grand opening ceremony on January 9. According to aStar-Advocatearticle on Dec. 23, 1998, the library and education center was composed of 24 modular units (trailers) moved from the Brevard-Seminole State Attorney's Office in Titusville to the campus of Pinewood.

Grand Re-Opening
July 28, 2018 • 10:00am - 2:00pm

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