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Reptiles of North Brevard - 1

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Titusville, Florida - America's Space Coast

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Alligator Alligator on the bank of a canal

Bob Paty

Alligator grinning. Alligator grinning!

Bob Paty

I Ordered Ham On Rye! I Ordered Ham On Rye!

Bob Paty

P.S. This is illegal and can lead to very dangerous interactions with humans and pets.

Pigmy Rattlesnake Pigmy Rattlesnake

Don't let this guys brilliant color and small size fool you. The Pigmy Rattlesnake accounts for more poisonous snake bites in Florida than any other pit viper.

Bob Paty

Alligator dining. KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLA. -- A large alligator attacks and eats a smaller one in a natural display of cannibalism. Although this event has been observed infrequently by Kennedy Space Center's staff photographers, it is common feeding behavior among the wild alligator population on the space center. Alligators are carnivorous and will eat any living thing that crosses their paths and is small enough for them to kill. For this reason, it is dangerous to feed wild alligators, and in Florida, it is also illegal. Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, which is operated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, is located on the Kennedy Space Center.
NASA - (KSC-98PC-7720)

Baby gopher tortoise hatching. Gopher Tortoise emerging from egg

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge
Photographer: Mike Simmons.

Gopher Tortoise - very young. Holding a very young Gopher Tortoise found in the Enchanted Forest Nature Sanctuary.


Gopher Tortoise - adult. An adult Gopher Tortoise heads for home in his burrow in the Enchanted forest.


Shiny Gopher Tortoise A Gopher Tortoise caught in a downpour in the Enchanted Forest Nature Sanctuary.


Indigo snake Indigo snake.

Sorry, no enlargement of this photo.


Florida Indigo Snake 7 foot Indigo snake in the Enchanted Forest Nature Sanctuary.


Reptiles of North Brevard
|| Part 1 || Part 2 ||

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University of Florida's Online guide to the Snakes of Florida
Florida Museum of Natural History - HERPETOLOGY

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