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Butterflys of North Brevard - 1

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Wildlife Photography - Titusville, Florida

Photographs by Bob Paty

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Black swallowtail A black swallowtail butterfly gathers nectar from a wild blue flag.
Gulf Fritilary butterfly This gulf fritillary butterfly was photographed as it gathered nectar from a wild lantana bloom.
Zebra Longwing butterfly The zebra longwing butterfly is more at home in the tropics of South and Central America, but it is also a year round resident of Florida.

These photographs are by Bob Paty an outdoor photographer residing in north Brevard County, Florida. He is a regular contributor to Florida Wildlife Magazine, a publication of the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission. The photographs are from the Brevard County area, primarily the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge and Canaveran National Seashore.

For further information on these photographs, write or call:

c/o Bob Paty
2840 Jay Jay Road
Titusville, FL 32796

Butterflys of North Brevard
|| Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 ||

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