Birds of North Brevard - 2

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Wildlife Photography - Titusville, Florida

Photographs by Bob Paty

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Roseate Spoonbill flying Roseate spoonbills, named for their paddle shaped bill, feed in shallow water by swinging their bill back and forth, scooping up small fish and crustaceans.
Roseate reflections Drying their feathers in the warm morning sunshine, these roseate spoonbills seem to be posing for the photographer.
Two Roseate Spoonbills The reflection of the blue sky on the water gives the illusion that these two wading roseate spoonbills are suspended in mid-air. They were photographed in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Clapper Rail chick. A clapper rail chick follows its parent as they feed along a shore line. These infant birds must learn to feed themselves almost as soon as they emerge from the shell.
Baby black-necked stilt. A baby black-necked stilt peers from beneath its mother's wing, where it has retreated form the hot sun.
Great Egret chicks These great egret chicks must grapple with the parent egret's bill to get the adults to disgorge food for their dinner.

Great Egret Resting on dead mangrove limbs, this great egret is taking advantage of the warm sunshine. It has started to develop the breeding plumage which occurs in early spring.
Snowy Egrets battleing These snowy egrets are in a territorial dispute. Such sham battles occur frequently at the start of the breeding season.
Great Blue Heron The great blue heron has a very diverse diet. It's usually seen searching for small fish along a shoreline. Snakes and small rodents are also part of its diet, which it can spear with its rapier shaped bill.

White pelican group Unlike the brown pelican that plunges from flight into the water for fish, the white pelican remains on the water repeatedly dipping up small fish with itw bill. This group of white pelicans was photographed on the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.
Ducks taking flight Taking off from a pond, these mottled ducks are year round residents of Florida.
Pintale Drakes One of the larger ducks seen on the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is the beautiful pintail drake. They are more plentiful in the fall and winter.
Wild Turkey Dance Exactly what prompted these two gobblers to put on this display, who knows? It wasn't a "sham" battle! It lasted about a minute, then the two settled down to preen.

Givme Five ... Oh well! A little humor with your morning coffee.
Bob Paty
A protective mother turkey and a young bobcat. Mother's Day
A protective mother turkey.
Bob Paty

These photographs are by Bob Paty an outdoor photographer residing in north Brevard County, Florida. He is a regular contributor to Florida Wildlife Magazine, a publication of the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission. The photographs are from the Brevard County area, primarily the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge and Canaveran National Seashore.

For further information on these photographs, write or call:

c/o Bob Paty
2840 Jay Jay Road
Titusville, FL 32796
(321) 267-5546

Birds of North Brevard
|| Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Scrub Jay || Eagles || Least Bitterns ||

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