Birds of North Brevard

The Acrobatic Least Bittern
by Bob Paty of Outdoor Images

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The Acrobatic Least Bittern by Bob Paty, the photographer

I have been fortunate to watch and photograph more Least Bitterns at the Blue Heron Wetlands in Titusville, Florida, during the last week of June. 2011, than I have ever seen in the twenty-five or so years doing wildlife photography. What an incredible bird they are. I have listened to the chorus of their calls and watched so many of their acrobatic maneuvers as they feed. The one thing that stands out is that each bittern is an individual in its color and feather pattern. This alone is fascinating.

The Least Bittern is the prime acrobat of the world of birds. They are hands down my favorite bird to photograph. I know of no other bird that uses the same feeding method as the Least Bittern. Not much larger than a Mourning Dove, they are usually hiding. If anyone told me what I would experience those few days at the Blue Heron Wetlands, I would not have believed them. I took two hundred and ten photos one morning - all of Least Bitterns!

The first morning was just a clue of what to expect if I arrived earlier. I got to the wetlands about seven fifteen the second morning and immediately circled around to the north east cell. Least Bitterns were everywhere, some were flying, but most of them were feeding at the edges of the open water. I have no clue as to how many I saw, I would guess between twenty and thirty. I was able to select the ones that I wanted to photograph. Another amazing thing is that the majority of them were out in the open.

On the third morning I arrived a little later than I planned and again the activity of the Bitterns was fast and furious. However their activity stopped at approximately 8:45. It was like a switch had been turned off. There were none anywhere. The other day I was under the impression they were intimidated by my van, even though I remain inside when "shooting." This morning I selected a bird close to me and started the van motor several times, even moving the van. The bittern continued to feed! After the Bittern activity stopped, even the birds that had remained fifty or more yards away disappeared.

LeastBittern_0018X LeastBittern_0027X LeastBittern_0044XX LeastBittern_0053X
LeastBittern_0018X .jpg LeastBittern_0027X .jpg LeastBittern_0044XX .jpg LeastBittern_0053X .jpg
LeastBittern_0063X LeastBittern_0081XX LeastBittern_0088X LeastBittern_0109X
LeastBittern_0063X .jpg LeastBittern_0081XX .jpg LeastBittern_0088X .jpg LeastBittern_0109X .jpg
LeastBittern_0117X LeastBittern_0121X LeastBittern_0175X LeastBittern_0204X
LeastBittern_0117X .jpg LeastBittern_0121X.jpg LeastBittern_0175X .jpg LeastBittern_0204X .jpg

Birds of North Brevard
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