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Wildlife Photography - Titusville, Florida
America's Space Coast

Photographs by NASA Photographers

From time to time NASA Photographers have an opportunity to photograph wildlife in unique situations. These photographs have been put in the public domain.

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Pilot Whale Rescue. KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLA. -- Rescuing a Right Whale on the shore of the Kennedy Space Center. January, 1998.
Bobcat up a pole. KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLA. -- A young, male bobcat balances gingerly on telephone pole cables next to the south-bound lane of Kennedy Parkway. The cat is nocturnal and is seldom observed during the day unless scared from its daytime shelter in the grass or beneath a shrub. Usually found in broken sections of heavily wooded or brushy country, bobcats are reported as common in scrub strand and roadside or weedy grass habitats at KSC. The bobcat is known to inhabit mangrove habitats and will readily swim across small bodies of water. The bobcat occurs across southern Canada then south over the entire United States, except for the midwestern corn belt, to southern Mexico. It is the last large mammalian predator remaining on KSC. Kennedy Space Center is located in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, which is home to many species of wild animals, including the bobcat. (KSC-98PC-1602 )
Two Manatees KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLA. -- Manatees in the Banana Creek (KSC-97PC-361)
Bob Paty's photo of a baby racoon. I was coming out of the M.I.N.W.R. Visitor Center and the parent was carrying the baby like a cat would carry a kitten. My van startled the raccoon & she dropped the baby in the middle of the road. I placed the baby in my hat & carried it to the side of the road where I had last seen the parent. I took a couple of photos & left it there. I am sure the mother will come back & carry the baby where she originally wanted it. — May 2005, Bob Paty

Animals of North Brevard
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