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North Brevard
Heritage Foundation, Inc.
a non-profit (501c3) organization established April 2005

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The design and replication of the Indian War/Civil War Fort will be similar to Fort Ann, a Seminole Indian War Fort that was built in 1837-38 and located on North Merritt Island near the old Haulover Canal. It will be constructed of four hand-hewn log walls approx. 75 ft. long x 6 ft. high, with two blockhouses at each front corner and enhanced with earth embankments and/or bags using burlap sacks. A parapet 10-15 ft. high with a flat wooden platform floor would serve as an observation point for officers and scouts.

Concept drawing of an 1837 fort.
Concept drawing of an Indian War / Civil War Fort.

Log cabins will be built inside the Fort, each approx. 10 ft. x 15 ft. constructed of hand hewed logs similar to fort wall construction. The interior will contain sparse wooden furnishings, keeping with Civil War era building authenticity. They will serve as examples of Officer's Quarters and General Purpose Medical Facility.

Lean-tos will be of crude wooden construction located in surrounding areas to simulate sites where common soldiers would sleep.

Educational Activities, Encampments and Living History Programs will be held for special events and at least twice a year. Authentic weekend encampments will be open to public participation in designated events. Indian River Camp #47 members, wearing Civil War era clothing, will implement living history programs and provide information about replicated Fort structures, usage and facts regarding camp life during the Civil War, with specific facts relative to Brevard County involvement. Educational programs and demonstrations with subjects that include genuine Civil War artifacts will be presented such as; a soldier's life and types of uniforms, camp life - food and camp cooking, medicines and medical care, weapons, battle tactics and battle flags. Interpretive Plaques will provide a self-guided walking tour of the Fort area.


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