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Jungle Adventures - a family nature attraction near Titusville, Florida

Jungle Adventures
A Real Florida Animal Park

26205 East Colonial Drive
Christmas, Fl 32709

Phone: 407-568-2885
FAX: 407-568-0038
eMail: Click Here!

Jungle Adventures family attraction near Titusville, Florida

One of central Florida's oldest attractions, Jungle Adventures has retained all of the charm of native Florida. Our 20-acre park is dedicated to "eco-tourism," a unique experience for close encounters with native and exotic wildlife while discovering the natural splendor of the Wetlands. Visitors explore the history, biology and ecology of the wonderous place we call "home."
The beautiful sounds of nature sing at Jungle Adventures. A wonderful alternative to crowds, concrete and artificial environments, Jungle Adventures offers visitors a chance to become intimately acquainted with the Sunshine State's Natural beauty.


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Park Attractions...
Cruise through the swamp. Jungle Cruise
You will experience the last of the dinosaurs cruising through an alligator infested swamp. Dating back over 200 million years, the American Alligator is one of the last remaining species alive today from the Reptilian Age. Watch as they swim alongside the boat and lazily crawl from the waters to sunbathe. Back on land, the brave and daring can feed baby gators with small fish on cane poles.

Florida Panther. Hands-On Wildlife Experience
Three time daily, our educational "hands-on" program feature a baby American Alligator and other cool critters (both native and invasive).
We also educate our visitors on the endangered Florida Panther.

Alligator feeding time. Alligator Feasts
Watch as huge alligators come to feast when the dinner bell rings. Visitors are treated to a spectacular hand-feeding show several times a day, spotlighting our biggest alligators including "Goliath", our 14 foot monster gator. Oooo's and aaahh's abound as our guides skillfully maneuver these giant "last of the dinosaurs" for feeding.

Indian Village hut Native American Indian Village Replica
Step back into time three times daily with our guides on a walking tour through the Native American Indian Village Replica. Learn about the different groups of Native American Indians who inhabited Florida as far back as 400 years ago. Hear about their daily lives, eating habits and medicinal practices. Demonstrations include ancient tools produced by today's Native American Indians.

Jungle Nature Trail
Leisurely stroll through the forested wetlands along pathways and the boardwalk. Discover endangered native plants while shaded by a mixture of broad leaf evergreens, deciduous tress and Cabbage Palmettos (Florida's state tree). Glimpse the American Alligator in its natural environment while enjoying the beautiful songs of native and migrating birds.

Deer fawn.

Animal Exhibits
Panthers, wolves, alligators, crocodiles, macaws, monkeys, deer and other native & exotic animals call the island home. As you walk through our exhibits discover the natural wonder of these creatures as they entertain you with their playful antics.

Ibis Bird Watchers
Come See our nature display of Ibises and egrets living at the jungle. We also have been honoered to have Yellow-Crowned night herons nesting and raising their babies on sight. Our palm trees have holes everywhere due to one of the largest (Pileated) Woodpeckers making Jungle Adventures part of their daily living, Also you may get a glimpse of our famous Turkey Vultures, Red-tailed Hawks. Osprey, Bald Eagle and many more.

Jungle Cafe
Enjoy quick snacks such as sodas, water, chips and ice cream during your visit. Bring your lunch with you and sit beneath the giant oak trees shading our picnic area. No alcohol or glass containers are allowed in the park.

Interpreter with skunk Jungle Adventures Jungle Mobile
Bring the jungle to your door! No event is too big or too small. An educational experience and professional presentation brought to you by Jungle Adventures' staff. Imagine having the Florida Panther, American Alligator and other native animals at your next function, birthday party or school event.

Gift Shop
Swampy - The world's largest Gator! "Swampy." Our giant 200-foot long gift shop is the world's largest alligator ever built! Full of souvenirs for yourself or gifts for that special someone back home, you're sure to find a Florida treasure here.


Jungle Adventures, 26205 East Highway (S.R.) 50
(7 miles west of Titusville, 17 miles east of Orlando)
Christmas, Florida 32709; (407) 568-2885;

Animated gator
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