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The Job Place - Titusville Florida

Debbie Shuler & Cheryl Thorn
422 Julia Street, Titusville, FL 32796
321-268-2250 -- fax: 383-3147


The Job Place phones are in a state of repair!

Please call 321-267-8563 and leave a voice message.

We are sorry for any inconvenience!

The Job Place has been serving central Florida's businesses and individuals since 1981. We take each job order very personally - We don't just send out bodies - It's got to be the right fit for our clients and employees. We take pride in keeping our workforce strong.

• Temporary Employment • Employment
• Placement • Typing Service
• Resumes • Secretarial Services • Fax
• Locally owned & operated

Temporary Employment

When a business (Client) calls The Job Place looking for assistance, we get detailed information on what their needs are - What kind of skills do they require - What kinds of jobs they offer - Length of Assignment - Temp to Perm - Dress Code, etc. For new clients, a credit application and signed agreement is needed. This will not hold up our sending you a qualified worker. We go through our database and match up skill levels and personal requirements of our employees. We bill our client companies weekly and invoices are due upon receipt. Feel free to call for billing rates at anytime. 321-268-2250

If you are looking for employment, it usually takes 2 hours to complete the detailed application and take the miscellaneous tests to get registered with us. Tests are given depending on what's in your background (depending on your experience). 2 references are needed from your last 2 places of employment. Employees are paid weekly. Direct deposit is also an option.

Temp to Perm Employment

Procedures are the same as Temporary employment. The Client, not the employee, pays a conversion fee. This is based on billing rate.


If a client knows of someone that they would like to employ, but do not want to be hassled with all the payroll paperwork, taxes, etc. we can help. Our billing rate markup is minimum, as we do not test, check references, etc.

Permanent Placement

This option allows the Client and optional employee to interview. Placement Fee is paid by the Client upon offer and acceptance. Temp to Perm is usually the most lucrative for the Client. We go over prices to see which is best for the Client.

Secretarial Services

The Job Place provides an avenue for individuals as well as small or large businesses to assist in any typing (letters, schedules, manuscripts, etc.), formatting, light bookkeeping, etc. that they might need. Drop off your work and pick it up, usually in 24 hours.

Resume writing

Your way or ours-Total Composition or As Is- Updates. We also have forms to help you give us the information we need to get you a workable product. Give us at least two days. Prices vary depending on what we do.

Employers Needed

We are always looking for employers who need well qualified employees.


The Job Place: Placing the right people in the right positions since 1981.


Titusville is a wonderfully varied community.

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