Harry T. Moore Homesite - Titusville, Florida

Sculpture of Harry T. Moore

Harry T. Moore Social Service Center

Titusville, Florida

Harry T. Moore Sculpture  


Martyr For Freedom

1905 - 1951

In days when public advocacy against
segregation and prejudice could mean
lynching and shooting, Harry T.
Moore was a true Florida leader. As
State NAACP Executive Secretary, he
founded the Brevard NAACP Branch
and organized more than 77 new
branches and conducted voter
registration drives that resulted
in 75,000 new Black voters in 1951.
He crusaded for and won equal pay
for Black public school teachers.
"Every advancement comes by way of
sacrifices," said Moore, who with
his wife Harriett, was killed in his
Mims, Florida home by an assassin's
bomb. He was awarded the Arthur B.
Spingarn Medal, the NAACP's highest
honor, posthumously in 1952: "In
recognition of his invaluable
contributions and his courage in
working for full implementation of
the democratic ideal."

Dedicated this 29th day of December, 1985
Florida State Conference of
NAACP Branches

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