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Harriette V. Moore

Harriette V. Moore photo

The Life of Harry Tyson Moore

1905 - 1951

Harriette V. Moore family
Harry, Harriette, Annie Rosalea, and Juanita Evangeline
Harry Tyson Moore was born in Houston, Florida on November 18, 1905.
His parents were S. Johnny Moore and Rosalea Alberta Tyson Moore.

Harry graduated from Florida Memorial High School, Live Oak, Florida in 1925;
attended Florida A& M in Tallahassee; and graduated from Bethune-Cookman College
in Daytona Beach with a Normal Degree in 1936, and a B.S Degree in 1951.

His family consists of:

Wife -- Harriette Vyda Simms Moore (1902 - 1952)
Daughter -- Annie Rosalea Moore Hampton (1928 - 1972)
Daughter -- Juanita Evangeline Moore (1930 -   )
Grandson -- Drapher Adholtz Pagan, Jr. [Skip] (1953 -   )
Great grandson -- Darren Allen Pagan (1992 -   )

His work experience included being:

Some Of His Accomplishments:


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Excerpt from:
EBONY -- April 1952

Repercussions from Florida blast make it most explosive since Hiroshima atom bomb

The world quickly took note. In Asia and Africa, Moore's slaying in a nation that called itself the world's greatest democracy became front page news. Newspapars in France and Brazil, in Israel and the Philippines editorialized about the death of Moore. In the world forum of the United Nations, Russia's Foreign Minister Andrei Vishinsky was quick to throw the Moore murder in the faces of American deligates - including one Negro delegate, Channing Tobias. Behind the iron curtain, the Communists had a field day with dispatches from the Russian Tass news agency with details of the Moore slaying.

America's foremost delegate to the UN, Eleanor Roosevelt, admitteed: "That kind of violent incident will be spread all over every country in the world and the harm it will do us among the people of the world is untold."

Over decent America a pall of shame settled. More sermons were preached, more resolutions adopted and more protest telegrams and letters sent about the Moore killing than about any other racial event in the decade.

Harry as a youth. Harry as a youth. Harry as a young man. Harry as a young man.
Recently married. Recently married. Harry with Harriett - 1940's. Harry and Harriette.
Harry in the orange grove. Harry in the orange grove. Harriette with the car. Harriette with the car.

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