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North Brevard History - Titusville, Florida

The 1895 Titusville Flowing Salt Well

From Judy Davis, North Brevare Historical Society

Titusville Florida's Flowing Salt Well

The scene along what was to become Washington Avenue looked like this in Titusville prior to the big fire of 1895. The buildings might well have come out of a Western movie, with the frame structures having a covered wooden walkway along the front. In the foreground, in the middle of what today is U. S. 1, is a flowing salt well.

The second building was apparently that of the firm of Oliver and Budge, dealing in hardware, sash doors and blinds and Georgia pine lumber. The last building in the row has a sign on the side reading J. W. Rogers, Clothiers, Furnishers, and Gent's Wear.

Wikipedia: A salt well (or brine well) is used to mine salt from subterranean caverns or deposits. Water is used as a solution to dissolve the salt or halite deposits so that they can be extracted by pipe to an evaporation process, which results in a brine or dry product for sale or use.

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