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Exploring North Brevard History - Titusville, Florida
Compiled by Michael Knight for our Facebook Page

Shiloh Was A Trade Center

Sailboats were much in evidence on the Indian River and not only used for transportation. Three of these boats made regular trips between Titusville and New Smyrna, two used for mail service and the other as a trade boat.

Merchandise was brought as far as New Smyrna by steamer and then down the river by sailboats. George Kuhl owned and operated the “Golden Rule,” and made regular monthly trips down the Indian River trading with small towns along the route, selling groceries and merchandise from his Shiloh store.

The Haulover canal at Allenhurst had not been dug yet, and in order to get his load of merchandise through the old narrow canal – which was located a mile south of the present one – it was necessary to transport the load to a barge, take it through the canal, then several men would behind the “Golden Rule” and push it through. George owned another trade boat, several years before this one named the “Swallow,” and the flag pole that was put up was the boom pole from this boat.

Sailboats were not used only as a means of travel, but also for entertainment. Sailing races were held with a big sailboat race in May.

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