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Did you know that the City of Titusville has a local Historic Preservation Program?

According to a Historic Structures Survey conducted by the City, many properties are eligible for a National or Local designation. Many other Cities have successfully designated Historic sites that have resulted in higher property values and special places that are gems of their communities. The City of Titusville is working to do the same. We hope you will be interested in attending our annual workshop in October and hear about about the City's voluntary designation program.

City of Titusville, FL
Historic Preservation Board

For information, please contact:
Planning and Growth Management
P. O . Box 2806
555 South Washington Avenue
Titusville, Florida 32781
Phone: (321) 567-3782
City of Titusville Preservation Website

St. Gabriel's Church
National Register

The Pritchard House
National Register

Historic Preservation Workshop & Presentations
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Historic Preservation
Workshop & Presentations

Thursday, October 25th
5:30 to 8:00 p.m.

City Hall • 2nd Floor • 555 S Washington Ave.
Hosted by the City of Titusville
Historic Preservation Board

The Historic Preservation Board will hold an informational workshop featuring Architect Stephanie Ferrell who will describe the project to rehabilitate the Walker Hotel (Café Chocolate) and the former Bank of Titusville building. Historic Preservation Specialist Ruth Akright will be speaking about rehabilitation versus restoration. There will be a presentation on the City's New property to abatement program.

For additional information please call the Planning Department at 321-567-3782 or visit

Homes that are currently on the City's local register of historic places.
Click on the House name to go to a detailed webpage with photo(s).
Dobson House
902 Indian River Ave
Titusville, Florida's historic Dobson House

Brady House
602 Indian River Ave
Titusville, Florida's historic Brady House

Conkling House
1120 Riverside Drive
Titusville, Florida's historic Conkling House

Click on the House name to see the detailed request with photo(s).

Judge Carlton House
820 Indian River Ave.

Judge Carlton House.

St. Gabriel's Church
414 Pine Street

St. Gabriel's church

City of Titusville Historic Preservation Board

Historic Preservation Ordination - Purpose:

  • Promote the health, safety, education, and cultural and economic welfare of the public by preserving and protecting properties of historic, cultural, archaeological, aesthetic and architectural merit.
  • Strengthen the economy of the City by stabilizing and improving property values in historic areas.
  • Assist the City and property owners to be eligible for federal tax incentives, federal and state grant funds, and other potential property tax abatement programs for the purpose of furthering historic preservation activities.
  • Foster civic pride in the accomplishments of the past; protect and enhance the City's attraction to visitors; and promote the use of individual sites and districts for the education, pleasure, and welfare of the people of the City.

Historic Preservation Board

  • Established in 2011
  • 7 regular members
  • 2 alternate members
  • 2-year terms
  • Meets 1st Monday of the month at 1 p.m. in the Council Chamber
  • Prepare, update, and maintain a plan of protection for historic sites and districts.
  • Provide recommendations to the City Council regarding the designation of historic districts, sites and resources.
  • Review all exterior changes to existing sites and structures, and new developments within designated districts.
  • Webpage on City of Titusville website

Historic Preservation Ordinance

  • Adopted in 2012
  • Chapter 48, LDC
  • Addresses:
    • Establishment of Historic Preservation Officer (HPO)
    • Process for Local designation of districts and resources
    • Process for issuance of Certificates of Appropriateness

Nistoric Preservation Boards next steps

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City of Titusville Historic Resources
A Brief Guide to Local Designation


For more information, please contact:
Planning and Growth Management
P. O . Box 2806
555 South Washington Avenue
Titusville, Florida 32781
Phone: (321) 567-3782


  • Economic:
  • Stabilizes and improves property values in historic areas
  • Eligibility for property tax abatement programs
  • Reduces the cost of construction through the reuse of existing structures
  • Cultural:
  • Fosters civic pride
  • Combats urban decay
  • Retains the history and authenticity of a neighborhood by:
    • Commemorating the past
    • Preserving the texture, craftsmanship and style of bygone eras
    • Creating pedestrian and visitor appeal
    • Enables community to identify specific buildings for protection/preservation

  • Environmental:
  • Energy is saved by reusing existing structures and existing materials
  • Retention of existing material reduces:
    • Hazardous waste and demolition debris
    • Need for new material


Historic buildings, structures, objects, landscape features, archaeological sites/zones, and other improvements that:
  • Are significant in Titusville's history, architecture, archaeology or culture.
  • Possess integrity of location, design, setting, materials, workmanship or association.
  • Meet one or more of the following criteria:
    • Associated with events that have made significant contributions to our history.
    • Associated with the lives of persons significant in our past.
    • Embodies the characteristics of a distinctive architecture style, construction style, or period; or was built by a prominent designer/builder.
    • Yields, or is likely to yield, historical or pre-historical information.
    • Designated on the National Register of Historic Places.
    • Related or part of a landscape, park, environmental or other distinctive feature tied to a historical, cultural, or architectural motif; or is an easily identifiable visual feature and contributes to the distinctive quality of such neighborhood or the city.
For specific wording refer to Chapter 48 of the City Land Development Regulations


The property owner petitions the Historic Preservation Board (HPB) for designation of the property as an individual resource, site or archaeological site or zone.

Preliminary Review
The HPB either accepts or denies the application. If accepted, the HPB sets a date for a public hearing and directs staff to complete the Designation Report.

Designation Report
City staff prepares the Designation Report and recommends approval or denial based on the designation criteria.

Notification of Public Hearing
A copy of the Designation Report and a notice of the public hearing are mailed to all property owners. A notice of public hearing is also published in the newspaper.

Historic Preservation Board Hearing
At the public hearing, the HPB makes a recommendation to the City Council to approve, deny or amend the proposed designation.

City Council Hearing
The City Council approves, denies or approves with conditions the designation. If approved, the property gets listed on the City of Titusville's Historic Register.


St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church
414-422 S. Palm Avenue
Built c. 1887

Wager House
8 South Street
Built c. 1891
Frame Vernacular

Judge Robbins House
703 Indian River Avenue
Built c. 1892
Dutch Colonial Revival

Spell House
1200 Riverside Drive
Built c. 1911
Queen Anne

Pritchard House
424 S. Washington Avenue
Built c.1891
Queen Anne