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Images of America

North Brevard County

John T. Manning and Robert H. Hudson

Publisher: Arcadia Publishingh Co., Charleston, SC; ©1999

We present, with the permission of the authors, excerpts from the book.
The book, and others of local interest, can be purchased at the museum.

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Dixie Hotel Shown here is a 1932 view of the three-story Hotel Dixie. It was constructed in 1890 on the former site of the Titus House, which was built in 1870 on the Indian River. A popular destination and stopover for tourists for many decades, it was also a meeting place for local people to enjoy club and social activities. The hotel burned in 1962. The Federal Housing and Urban Development Building, Titusville Towers, is now located on the site.   Pg. 32.
Titusville Negro School faculty The Titusville Negro School faculty of 1936-37 is pictured here. From left to right, they are as follows: Walter Wynn, Bernice McDowell, Sadye Gibson, Naomi Wynn, Wihelmenia Gilbert, Victoria Rogers, and Principal Harry T. Moore. Principal Moore, who displeased the white establishment by registering Afro-Americans to vote, was later fired by the Brevard County School Board. For the same reason, he and his wife were murdered in a 1951 bombing that still remains unsolved.   Pg. 41.
Mims Elementary School first grade This is the first grade classroom at the new Mims Elementary School in 1967. Pictured here are, from left to right, as follows: (first row) Jeffery Wright, Carolyn Lay, Lee Meserve, Mary Kimble, and Carolyn Anderson; (second row) Lori Parker, David Arriett, Jessie Touchton, Donna Johnson, and Johathan Fluharty; (third row) Donna Bolton, Stephen Bloss, David Parker, Leslie Polk, and Michelle Penley; (fourth row) Allan Duff, Pat Flanagan, Beth Lynn, Tammy Mullins, and Alison McArty; (fifth row) Richard Williams, Duane McDaniel, Diane Sands, and Jimmy Swindle. Standing at the rear are Susan Jenkins and Donald Floyd. The teacher, Dr. Patricia C. Manning, is known today as professor emeritus at the University of Central Florida.   Pg. 46.
Riverview Elementary School faculty Riverview Elementary School, at Titusville, Florida, first opened in 1970. The first principal was Babe Scarborough. The 1979-80 faculty is shown here. Members are, from left to right, as follows: (first row) unknown, Marty Murphy, Jim Connover, Linda Briggs, Cliff Estes, Jerry Beverly, Lucy Seigler, Connie Hyder, Alice Graves, and Jean Sanders; (second row) unknown, Betty Green, Jane Miller, Marion Towne, Gail Fishwater Perdoma, Clyde Tally, unknown, and Nancy Bryant; (third row) Nora Redding, Effie Clifford, Nell Prouse, Kathy Murray, unknown, Nancy Dickinson, Harlie DePersia, Brenda Graham, Susie Cross, Linda Whttersheim, Joyce Harris, and Bertha Hickman; (fourth row) Terry Lee, Phyllis Porter, unknown, Denise Roberts, Donna Mays Jerry Moore, Helen Crotteau, and Joe Gregory.   Pg. 51.
Old Titusville High School The first building devoted solely to high school calsses in Titusville was this Spanish-style structure in what was then South Titusville (pictured in 1927). The building featured terrazzo floors, blazed brick halls, a large second-floor library, and one-story wings housing industrial arts and home economics departments and a cafeteria. Over the entrance was a bell tower, which was reproduced in smaller form when the school was torn down in 1972. A more modern Titusville High campus occupies the site.   Pg. 54.
Washington Street entertainer A street entertainer has the attention of this group, which is gathered on Washington Avenue, Titusville's main street, in the early 1890's. The wooden buildings shown beyond the flag pole were leveled in the 1895 fire. The brick buildings to the right survived the fire.   Pg. 84.
Paddle-wheel steamboat Swan The paddle-wheel steamboat Swan plied the waters of the Indian River and made regular stops at Titusville, carrying passengers and freight.   Pg. 98.
Allenhurst Post Office Once located on the north side of Haulover Canal, Allenhurst was one of the towns displaced by NASA's takeover of the area. It was the center of sports fishing on North Merritt Island. Pictured here, at the Allenhurst Post Office in 1901, is longtime resident Mr. J. Allen with a friend and a curious mule.   Pg. 122.


The two authors have known each other for years. Dr. Manning, a Genealogist and amateur historian has worked several years compiling the family histories of the first settlers in Brevard County who settled in the LaGrange area, their ancestors, place of origin, their role in history, and their decendents. Photographs in the book that were not in Mr. Hudson's collection were loaned by many residents in North Brevard. Along with these stories came stories only known to family members.

Author Robert Hudson, a writer and historian in his own right, was a Titusville native and former owner-publisher of the Star Advocate Newspaper in Titusville. He had first hand knowledge of many of the families, homes, schools and churches. Additionally, he had collected and owned most of the photographs used in the book. Therefore, this book is a collaboration which used the talents and knowledge of both authors.



Titusville is a wonderfully varied community.

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