North Brevard History - Titusville, Florida

1938 Picture of The Briggs' home

In this picture we see the inside of the second house built by Mr. Dorr Briggs
for his family in the year 1938.

The home was valued at $1,800 in the census of 1930 and they had a radio in the house. The inside has never been finished with wood, drywall, or plaster. The backside of the exterior walls can be seen. The windows are open and there are screens on the windows for mosquitoes. On many Saturday nights neighbors would gather at the Briggs's house for bible study, ice cream socials, or just to get together to visit or sing. They must have been aware that their picture was to be taken as Mr. Lena Briggs is nicely dressed and is wearing a scarf. Saturday was when a large washtub was brought to the middle of the kitchen floor with rainwater from the barrels placed at corners of the house. Everyone looks clean and neat with their hair combed. The family has no running water, no electricity, and no indoor bathroom facilities.

The Briggs family at home.

Pictured from left to right are: Mrs. Lena Briggs with scarf, she is holding (partially obscured) Leland Briggs at age 2. Next to her is Dorr's sister, Nina Briggs just visiting from her missionary work in the Republic of Congo (the group might have gathered to hear stories of her missionary work in the Congo). Just behind her is Leslie Briggs, second son (died in an automobile accident on Cocoa Beach in 1939 when he was age 21). Just in front of Nina is Mrs. Julia Christie with her family who lives about 2 miles south of the Briggs family but not all the way to Orsino. Just in front of her face is Mr. Dorr Briggs age 45. It looks like he may be holding a bible thus bible study. Sitting in the middle of the picture is Ms. Evelyn Briggs age 11( the only girl in the family). The kerosene lamp in the middle of the table obscures Harvey Briggs age 14, fifth son. He was also involved in the Cocoa Beach beach buggy accident the next year. The family moved to Melbourne so they could be close to him in the hospital for he was in a coma for 5 weeks. Sitting directly across from Harvey is Mrs. George Honaker Sr.. She lives with her Husband age 70 and her son George Honaker Jr. age 25. She is not found with the family in the census of 1940 thus she must have died shortly after this picture was taken. Standing in the back of the room is Ms. Louise Thomas age 14. Louise Thomas age 14 was an orphaned girl from an orphanage in Jacksonville who lived with the Hutzler family in Orsino. Sitting just in front of her wearing glasses is Ms. Lossie Pierce, who like Louise was an orphaned girl from an orphanage in Jacksonville who lived with the Christie family in near Orsino. Just to her right is Ms. Eleanora Ketchum who was the niece of Mr. and Mr. Honaker. To her right is Floyd Briggs age 18 the third son of the Briggs'. Floyd had a twin brother, Lloyd who succumbed to diphtheria at age 5 and died. In front of Floyd is young Jimmy Christie, age 15. Against the wall and in back of Jimmy is his sister Edwina Christie age 14. Believed to be sitting next to Edwina is her father, Jim Christie.


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