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Bee Head Ranch - ca: 1993
Christmas, Florida

These photos of the structures in Tosohatchee are as they existed prior to 1993 when the Bee Head Ranch House was move to Fort Christmas Historical Park. The cattle dipping trough could still be found if a person knew where to look. The fire that devastated Tosohatchee finished off what still remained of the Cow Hunter's Bunk house and Horse Stalls. From the collection of Bob Paty.

Bee Head Ranch House #1
Bee Head Ranch House #1

Bee Head Ranch House #2
Bee Head Ranch House #2

The Bee Head Ranch house is now at Fort Christmas Historical Park in Christmas. The cracker name for a group of trees is head. Bees filled the hollows of the live oak trees with honey. The area where the ranch house was located was noted for its numerous honey trees, resulting in the house being named, Beehead. Built in 1917 by local labor for the Tosohatchee Ranch Company, the Beehead Ranch House provided housing for the ranch foreman and his family. In 1925 the ranch was purchased by a group of sportsmen from Sanford and Orlando. It became a hunting club, called the Tosohatchee Game Preserve - renowned for excellent hunting and its yearly barbecue. The property was sold to the State of Florida in 1977 and is now the Tosohatchee State Reserve. The ranch house was moved to Fort Christmas in 1993. it is used to reflect life on a cattle ranch in the early 20th century.

Cow Hunter's Bunk House
Cow Hunter's Bunk House

Barn & Horse Stalls
Barn & Horse Stalls

Cattle Dip Trough
Cattle Dip Trough

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