North Brevard History - Titusville, Florida

Museum Front 1997.

The Museum as it was in 1997

Old Bank Safe A bank safe - first used in the Indian River State Bank in Titusville by Capt. James Pritchard in 1888. Later used in Mandaville Jewelry Store on Washington Avenue. The four sided clock was at the First Federal Saving & Loan kiosk in the mall area at Miracle City Mall.

The membership and fortunes of the Society have waxed and waned over the years. It has had to move a number of times. In October of 1988, Glenn Patch, a local businessman, offered the use of his commercial building at 301 South Washington Avenue. In December 1995, in recognition of the value of an historical society to the community, and in recognition of the need for expansion, he donated the museum building and the adjoining building to the Society.

Current membership stands at 253. Collections are being catalogued. Displays are being built and improved. Funds are being raised so we can take advantage of our new 1,200 square feet of space. We are applying for a Florida state grant.

Clothes Ladies clothing from the early 1900's including a hand stitched taffeta dress, a maternity dress, wedding dress, bathing suits and nightwear from the 1870's. Also, a mans wool tweed suit with knicker pants. In addition, many other items such as shawls, slips, camisoles, etc.

You are invited to come in and browse through our collections of local history, check through our reference library, and enjoy our photographs. If you enjoy tracking local history, we hope that you will support this effort by becoming a member. Your help in keeping the museum open and helping us get more organized is always appreciated.

Seminole Exhibit The Seminole Indian display includes a colorful skirt by a Creek Indian Squaw at Silver Springs Seminole Camp in 1947; a palmetto frond basket; Hetchling knives; quiver; pottery shards and pictures of Seminole leaders and life in a Seminole camp.

Picture Corner
Picture Corner

Telephone switchoard & printing press
Telephone switchoard & printing press

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