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Titusville Florida's historic Pritchard House

The historic 1891
Pritchard House

424 South Washington Avenue
Titusville, Florida

P.O. Box 653, Titusville, FL. 32781


The historic Pritchard House is closed for repairs until further notice.

The Pritchard House was struck by lightning August 14th, 2019 at approximately 4:30pm that sounded like an explosion and witnessed by several people, including the fire department across the street who responded immediately.

Lightning struck the west side chimney blasting off the copper chimney cap and several bricks, scattering them over the yard. Inside, the chimney flues in the kitchen and maid's room (which are located on the same chimney) were blown off scattering mortar and concrete dust. Electrical wiring was damaged and flash burns were on all of the wall outlets in the child's room (which is the middle bedroom located on the southside) and on the exterior wall adjacent to that room, causing the loss of electrical power.

We were very lucky that the house did not catch on fire. City Risk Mgmt. Cindy Garst has done an excellent job of responding to the necessary work to assure that the Pritchard House is secured & Air Conditioned by external hookup to protect antique and delicate furnishings. NBHF Staff worked for 3 days packing vintage clothing, linens, toys, books, record files and delicate accessories and moved to A/C storage provided by the City.

We appreciate the excellent support from the City to coordinate and work with North Brevard Heritage Foundation to ensure the work to be performed will be by qualified historic preservation contractors. The historic Pritchard House will be closed until further notice. Thank you for your continued support and we'll see you soon. The NBHF Staff.

Fall 2019


Interested in seeing the
Historic Pritchard House?

Please call 321-607-0203 to make reservations, to schedule tours of the Historic Pritchard House or inquire about a private event rental.

• Tours are $10 per person. $15 per person during exhibits.
• $5 for children 12 years old & younger - must be accompanied by an adult.
• infants up to 3 years old are free.

Above schedule is subject to change. Further details will be added closer to event dates.
Visit our website for additional information.
Please call 321-607-0203 or email for additional information,
to schedule tours of the Historic Pritchard House or inquire about a private event rental.


Downton Abbey Tea at The Pritchard House - January 9, 2016

Downton Abbey Tea - 1

Downton Abbey Tea - 2

Downton Abbey Tea - Docent Lucy Ray

Docent Lucy Ray

Downton Abbey Tea - 3

Chef Jolene Corbin

Food Tray Chef Jolene Corbin
Chef Jolene

On the left, a tea tray served
at a private party.

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