Tour of Fort Christmas - Christmas, Florida
David N. Rich

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13-Blockhouse1-3 14-Blockhouse1-4 15-Blockhouse1-5 16-Blockhouse1-6
13-Diorama 14-Seminole Exhibit-1 15-Seminole Exhibit-2 16-Osceola & Soldiers
17-Blockhouse1-7 18-Blockhouse2-1 19-Blockhouse2-2 20-Blockhouse2-3
17-Primitive Canoe 18-Homesteading Sign 19-Cowboy Sculptures 20-Cowboy Exhibit-1
21-Blockhouse2-4 22-Blockhouse2-5 23-Blockhouse2-6 24-Blockhouse2-7
21-Cowboy Exhibit-2 22-Turpentine 23-1700's Loom 24-Pioneer Exhibit-1