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North Brevard Business & Community Directory


Downtown Titusville is the Heartbeat of the City.

The historic heart of the city, home to street parties, bakeries, auctions, art, lawyers, realtors®, restaurants, lounges, and many other businesses & services.

Shine a Light on It - Downtown Titusville

Downtown - The Heart Of The City! It's all here!

Food, Clothes, Bake Shops, Doctors, Lawyers, Faith, New Cars, Shoe Repairs, New Tires, Car Repairs, Craft Brews, Real Estate Agents, Auctions, Books, Hair Salons, Personal Care, Fine Arts, Motels, Grocery Store, Marina, Photos, Dance Studios, Finances, Friends, Drug Store, Antique Shops, Surf Shop, Museums, Residential, History, Design, Theater, Government, Jet Skis, Retirement, Drink, Fine Dining, Music, Kayaks, Home Goods, Elderly Care, Monthly Block Parties and much More!

It's All Here. Come visit.

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9/9/2010 - 8/8/2020

9/9/2010 -- 8/7/20