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Space Coast Economic Development Commission
 2000 S. Washington Avenue, Suite 2   Titusville, FL 32780-4752
 Phone: 321-269-3221 or 800-749-3224

 Creating Economic Opportunity

Who We Are

What's it like living in the Titusville area?
Details on scores of activities and destinations hereabouts.
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The "Space Coast Economic Development Commission" (SEDC) is a not-for-profit corporation, supported by both public and private funds. With the exception of a small professional staff, the SEDC is a volunteer organization. It's membership roster includes a wide spectrum of industries from service to manufacturing. The SEDC team provides a complete development program, striving to attract new industry to the North Brevard/Titusville area. Additionally, the SEDC provides assistance to firms that are already doing business here.

How We Can Help You
Whenever the need arises, SEDC stands ready to represent the manufacturing and industrial interests of North Brevard. If your company has an individual economic development issue, the SEDC stands ready to help facilitate its resolution.

Research and Analysis
The SEDC provides updated local and regional demographics, site data and a variety of business community data on the North Brevard area.

The Space Coast Economic Development Commission and the City of Titusville are committed to long term economic development that brings to the community those businesses and industries that add vitality and progressiveness, which continue to make Titusville a great place to live and raise a family.




And so, we say - Welcome to the City of Service Titusville, Florida!
A city that has no limits, rich in tradition, peaceful lifestyles and great opportunities.

The SEDC Web Site contains information about this region's government, educational opportunities, recreational sites and technical richness. Please explore and enjoy the tour.

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North Brevard Business Directory
In-depth community resources for the Titusville, Florida area
Titusville is a wonderfully varied community.

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