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Florida Solar Hot Water
with Do-It-Yourself ease!
30% Federal Tax Credit!
No FL Sales Tax!


Your most cost-effective move toward energy self-reliance!

Al Rich with the light weight 20-01 panel Quick connect for the SolarRoofs solar hot water system. 20-01 panels installed
The light weight SolarRoofs 20-01 and 10-01 Solar Collectors are only one of the reasons why this powerful solar water heater is so easy to install. This high quality solar collector is a great value! Combine it with the "Quick Connect" - a device that has the pump, connections & valves pre-assembled for fast, simple installation. Run your pipes, connect your controller and photovoltaic wiring, and you are ready to harvest the sun's energy! All parts are included in the Installation Kits.
  • Do it yourself - diy solar collector and system
  • Or hire an assistant for a day or so
  • Get a professional plumber or solar installer
  • Making it easier to Harness the Sun!

Enjoy your solar hot water.

Start your savings and lower your environmental impact in one day!

Examples of Complete (Platinum) System Pricing

End Cost*
2 panel 10-01 (20 ft2)
1 - 3 people
4 panels 10-01 (40 ft2)
3 - 5 people
$3,995 .00
Price for "Stacked & Side x Side" 4 panel System includes 80 Gallon Solar Tank
Price for either Includes Freeze Valve and boxing of $95.00


Sizing Your System   •   FREE Delivery in Continental USA

The number to call to place an order or for more information is:
Dealer and licensed installer inquiries welcomed.

*These systems qualify the owner for a tax credit equal to 30% of the cost of the system.

Dave Rich
Florida Solar Hot Water
4030 Winter Terrace
Titusville, FL 32780

ORDERING (Please call)

We manufacture solar systems for RVs, boats, Carribean (no frost) zones, and hard freeze zones. Please call for information.

Do it yourself solar hot water systems.

Easy to install solar collector panels.

Connect your solar system to your hot water heater.


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