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Greater Titusville Renaissance in Florida

Greater Titusville Renaissance

A community volunteer initiative which seeks to enhance our quality of life through the thoughtful balance of nature and commerce, the inspiration and initiation of arts and culture, and the preservation and showcasing of our pristine natural resources.

This North Brevard Business Directory website is here to support the program and bring attention to the official website linked here.
The North Brevard Business Review - Winter 2014
A quarterly review of business news in Mims, Port St. John, Scottsmoor, and Titusville.
Published by the North Brevard Economic Development Zone (NBEDZ), Brevard County, Florida. 
Events & Activities


Okay, here's a rough map for Sunday's DEMO party! Please share with friends,family, and FB groups that you know will be interested. Note: access to general parking will be from Hopkins Avenue, parking for vehicles with handicap placards will be accessible at the light on US 1. Harrison Street will be closed to through traffic between US 1 and Hopkins from 1 to 5 pm. Parking is limited on the site, so once the lots are full, they will be closed. Also, please note that this is an ACTIVE CONSTRUCTION SITE and areas of the property are intentionally fenced off. Please follow the directions of law enforcement and the volunteers that will be on site to assist. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

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The Miracle City Mall is Coming Down.
Join us for the Demolition Party!

Demolition Party

The day is finally here.
The walls are coming down!
Sunday, February 8th, 2015 2pm to 4pm

It's time to bid farewell to the Miracle City Mall and clear the way for Titus Landing! Join your friends and neighbors along with community leaders and officials, for the highly-anticipated Demolition Party!

One lucky citizen will win the chance to "Press the Detonator" with Commissioner Fisher and Mayor Jim Tulley!

Purchase raffle tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime chance at  Raffle Tickets  Several 2nd place winners will also be drawn to win a souvenir brick from the mall demo (limited supply).

Due to space and nature of this event, parking is limited and there will be no seating or food provided. Please plan accordingly. Please follow the directions of law enforcement and event staff upon arrival.

For more detailed information on parking and location, please Visit our Website  and  Our Face Book Page  .

See you there!
Cathy Musselman, Executive Director Greater Titusville Renaissance

A Party Sub - as big as you need!

What I'm Thankful For ROBIN'S TOP 12 of 2014

  Robin Fisher
Brevard County Commissioner, District 1

I've just finished my 6th year as your District 1 Commissioner.  I regularly find myself thankful for the trust you've placed in me to be of service to you.  We've been working hard on some very large projects that are coming to fruition and I want you to know how much I appreciate you and how we work together for the good of our community.  Click the link below to read what I'm most thankful for as your Commissioner.  Happy New Year!  2015 is OUR year!


Cathy Musselman

Greater Titusville Renaissance Welcomes Our New Executive Director - Cathy Musselman

The Greater Titusville Renaissance is pleased to announce Cathy Musselman as its new Executive Director. Musselman brings more than 20 years of business and non profit management experience to GTR. Most recently, she served as an Entrepreneur Coach and Startup Quest Training facilitator for CareerSource Brevard. Musselman will begin her new position at the Greater Titusville Renaissance October 1, 2014.

"On behalf of the Board of Directors of GTR, I am very excited to welcome Cathy Musselman as the new executive director," said Board President Matt Barringer. "Her wealth of experience and demonstrated leadership will help Greater Titusville Renaissance move forward in its mission to encourage business development, enhance the arts and culture and continue the beautification of North Brevard."

As executive director of GTR, Musselman will oversee an organization whose purpose is to help revitalize the North Brevard community through business development, arts and culture and beautification. "I live in the greater Titusville area and this is my community. I look forward to connecting with the people and businesses in our community and continue to make great strides in the greater Titusville area."

Greater Titusville Renaissance is a grassroots, non-profit community volunteer initiative which seeks to enhance the quality of life through the thoughtful balance of nature and commerce, the inspiration and initiation of arts and culture and the preservation and showcasing of the areas pristine natural resources. The Greater Titusville Renaissance office is located at the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce, 2000 S Washington Ave. Titusville, FL.

Join Our Renaissance

Committees are at work promoting growth in the following areas.
We invite you to pick a committee and join us.


Downtown Titusville business development programs.
Click for details and to join in.

Business Development

The mission of the Business Development Committee is to encourage the commitment of leadership and resources toward creating a vital, livable, walkable community where business is supported and sustained, and where the character of the community (e.g. Nature, History, Space) is appropriately considered and incorporated, while seeking to enhance county and city economic development efforts.

The Business Development committee's pilot projects include: the creation an Arts/Entertainment District in downtown Titusville (from Julia Street to Garden Street) that, ultimately, connects with Sandpoint and Marina Parks and the purchase and rebirth of Miracle City Mall as a streetscape multi-use destination.

Where possible, we will first seek to maximize existing local businesses and add new concepts to create a vibrant, optimal marketing mix in the downtown district. Once this endeavor is successfully initiated, we will tackle other projects on the list below.

The approach to be used will be a Weed, Feed & Seed approach. While committee work may be done simultaneously, we will be disciplined and complete steps as sequentially as possible.

City of Titusville and the Space Coast Economic Development Commission:


Beautification at the historic Pritchard house.
Click for details and to join in.

Corridors & Beautification

The Greater Titusville Renaissance Steering Committee recognized immediately that our corridors need improvement. Since these are the avenues by which our visitors first view our community, it is imperative that they present a "first-class" impression. The Corridor Committee portion of the Steering Committee decided to tackle three main corridors: Washington Ave (US-1), Cheney Highway (SR-50) and Garden Street (SR-406). In order to take best advantage of our initial group of volunteers, the team was divided into three sub-committees.
  • Properties
  • Medians and Landscaping
  • Litter Control
The three corridor sub-committees offer volunteers a chance to make a real difference in our community. The ideas outlined above are only an early sampling of some of the actions that have been envisioned to date. Ultimately we will rely on the creativity, initiate and hard work of many dedicated citizens to bring vision to reality. The Greater Titusville Renaissance is not just about how we look; it is also about how we think about our community. Citizen concern and action will make the difference.


Titusville Art League Spring Art Show.
Click for details and to join in.

Arts & Culture

There is growing evidence that thoughtful investment in arts and culture initiatives can generate significant economic benefits for cities. With the right strategy and implementation we are working toward creating increases in property values, revenues and jobs. "Placemaking" is not just the act of fixing up a space, but rather a whole process that creates the kind of places where people want to work, live and play. Community input is essential to the placemaking process. "In creative placemaking, partners from public, private, non-profit, and community sectors strategically shape the physical and social character of a neighborhood, town, city, or region around arts and cultural activities" (National Endowment for the Arts).

This committee will focus on capitalizing on arts and culture, considering North Brevard's current assets, inspiration and potential. In order to understand our resources better and to foster successful social networks and initiatives we are recruiting local citizens to invest their time and talent in research, planning and moving forward with proactive, evidence based activities. Through deliberate fact-finding, research, and analysis, the ultimate success will be to create public spaces that promote health, happiness and wellbeing; encourage businesses and organizations to relocate and/or expand; and celebrate the uniqueness of our waterfront community.

Why Now?

Are you happy with your community? Do you like the way North Brevard looks? Can you convince someone to move here? Maybe it's time you decided to join the Greater Titusville Renaissance! The end of the Space Shuttle Program has brought an enormous challenge to the citizens of Greater Titusville, but not one that we haven't met and conquered before.

Greater Titusville is Open For Business! We are poised to become an economic engine in Central Florida with an eye to the future offering a unique business and social environment. Read more.

Miracle City Mall

Coming Soon sign is up at the Town Center
Click for the latest releases.

What once was a bustling mall, Miracle City, off U.S. 1 in Titusville, is now a symbol of economic troubles. Led by Brevard County Commission Chairman Robin Fisher and Titusville Mayor Jim Tulley, the Greater Titusville Renaissance has made redeveloping the mall a top goal. Commissioner Robin Fisher is taking the lead to find a buyer for the mall site, as well as find investors who would redevelop the property into an open-air "lifestyle center" along the lines of The Avenue Viera, combined with medical facilities and possibly other commercial tenants. "It could be a tremendous turning point" for the city, Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce President Marcia Gaedcke said. "It would be fabulous. It would be a great win for the community." Continued on GTR website ...

In late September, 2012 a contract was signed between the owner and a Tampa based developer to develop the Mall area. It will be called "Miracle Town Center." The buyer has six months to complete a feasability study before the purchase is completed. Miracle Town Center is expected to include restaurants, retail stores, offices, and a health care facilities.

Contact Greater Titusville Renaissance to invest in or to express interest in becoming a tenant at a redeveloped Miracle City Mall.

The North Brevard
Economic Development Zone

The establishment of an Economic Development Zone with tax increment funding will allow the North Brevard area to formulate and focus on a strategy for economic development and job creation that is desperately needed in the wake of Space Center layoffs. The tax increment revenues generated by the establishment of the Economic Zone would be administered by a dependent special district focusing on North Brevard and the Titusville community. Effective economic development incentives and community redevelopment requires the establishment of dedicated funding mechanisms. Our competitors do this and are succeeding! - Continued


The Communications Committee acts as the liaison between each of the other Greater Titusville Renaissance Committees and the community by updating social media and the website on an ongoing basis.

Communication Committee members are also ambassadors for Greater Titusville Renaissance by making presentations to community groups and organizations to solicit volunteer support in order to accomplish our mission and vision. Request a presentation to your group or organization!

Contact Us

Please use this form to contact us: GTR Contact Form.



3rd or 4th Mondays — 5-8pm

The Food Truck Bazaar - 4th Mondays in Titusville, FL

They are currently seeking a location.

Art & Algorithms Festival

Arts & Algorithms festival in Titusville FL. October 2014
October 3-12, 2014

Film Festival, hands-on interactive activities, custom 3D mapping and projection and more!

Art & Algorithms October 2014 brings arts in the digital domain, to the Space Coast and on the streets of Downtown Titusville, with surprising films, experimental visuals and hands-on interactive. Digital mapping and huge scale building projection, digital arts, celebrity artists, launch party, digital lounge, interactive alley and much more. Titusville is just a hop and a skip away from Kennedy Space Center and during the festival you may have the opportunity to rub shoulders with rocket engineers and astronauts. Keep watching.

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