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A Photo Gallery of Past Events

Honoring Past Presidents of TGC, February 2016
February 2016 - past presidents
Standing: Sarita Sachdev, Shirley Marconyak, Barbara Wilhelm, Georgia Kirby, Cathy Spencer
Seated: Carol Herman, Jackie Hope, Kathryn Rigell

Commemoration Ceremony at the Astronaut Memorial Foundation - January 30, 2016
TGC presents flowers for this moving annual tribute.

Astronaut Memorial - 1
Greg Johnson Retired Astronaut - Speaker
Astronaut Memorial - 2
Flower on Marker
Astronaut Memorial - 3
Barbara McGillicuddy, Chairman with flowers & Greg Johnson
Astronaut Memorial - 4
Astronaut Memorial - 5
TGC members: Carol, Sarita (back), Ann Marie & Sherri

Guests at our December 2, 2015 Christmas Luncheon

2015 Christmas Dinner - 5
Georgia Kirby, Master Judge (State); Sara Williams (Aging Matters)
2015 Christmas Dinner - 1
Maria Sonnenberg (sitting) with Yvette Boodhoo
2015 Christmas Dinner - 2
Jennifer Guarino, Director of North Brevard Women's Center,
addressing members
2015 Christmas Dinner - 3
Maria Sonnenberg, with First Vice President, Sherri Holley,
and Jennifer Guarino
2015 Christmas Dinner - 4
Patricia Manning, Board Member of Aging matters is sitting;
Jennifer Guarino is on the far right

Installation of Officers - May 7, 2015

May 2015 Installation of officers
Left to Right:
Parliamentarian Catherine Spencer officiates at the installation of TGC Board.

Co-President, Sarita Sachdev; First Vice President, Sherri Holley; Second Vice President, Carla Henn; Co-Recording Secretary, Karen Webb; Recording Secretary, Maureen Willett; Corresponding Secretary, Carol Herman; Treasurer, Shirley Marconyak.

"Please join us on this journey to the "Garden of Inspiration" as we share our talents and add to the garden's beauty." — President, Kathleen Heide (who was not present).

May 2015 presentation
Sherri Holley presenting outgoing President, Carol Herman with an orchid.

Our April, 2015 Crazy Hat Tea Party was a great success and raised enough money to send 10 young people to Nature camp at Wekiva. Our overall winner of the crazy hat contest was Carol Vayne (left); the winners in various categories are in the photo on the right. Click for enlargements.
March 2014 Titusville Garden Clut Crazy Hat Tea Party #1 March 2014 Titusville Garden Clut Crazy Hat Tea Party #2 March 2014 Titusville Garden Clut Crazy Hat Tea Party #3 March 2014 Titusville Garden Clut Crazy Hat Tea Party #4

Titusville Garden Club - Women's Center
TGC has provided comfort kits for women and toys for the children who are clients of the North Brevard Women's Center. In the photo: to the left are Carol Herman, TGC President; Marguerite Yarboro Garden Therapy; on the right are Sarita Sachdev and Yvette Boodhoo, members of both TGC and the North Guild of the Women's Center. The photo is from our Christmas 2013 luncheon.
Gift to Rachel Terry - 10/12
Georgia Kirby presents gifts for the Women's Center North Guild to Rachel Terry at the October 2012 meeting of Titusville Garden Club.

Honoring Past Presidents
February 6, 2012 Meeting at the Clubhouse.

Honoring Titusville Garden Club past presidents.
L to R: Barbara Wilhelm, Cathy Spencer, Kathy Rigell, Joyce Rice, Shirley Marconyak, Georgia Kirby, Louise Bennett. Seated: Jackie Hope, Alice Brantley

The club dates back to 1933. An important mission at this time in the club's history is "to REACH OUT to younger people and their interests by being more creative." An ongoing project is creating gift bags for clients of the North Brevard Women's Center. This has been embraced with great enthusiasm by members and spearheaded by Marguerite Yarboro and Georgia Kirby as an aspect of Garden Therapy.

The Titusville Garden Club is grateful for the interest you have shown in our activities during the past year and look forward to another good year for you and for our community.
Warm regards,
Yvette Boodhoo, Publicity, Titusville Garden Club

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