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Experimental Aircraft Association

Smilin' Jack Chapter 866
Titusville, Florida

Arthur Dunn Airpark (X21)
480 North Williams Avenue
PO Box 656
Titusville, FL 32781
Latitude: 28.621147 -- Longitude: -80.833089
Chapter 866 Website

Young Eagles over the Shuttle Landing Strip at KSC.

Chapter Meeting first Wednesdays at 7:00pm, Bldg. 10 Meeting Room

Fly-In Breakfast September 2nd, October 7th -- 8:00-9:48am
First Saturdays of the Month
The breakfast is held at Building 10.

Newsletter ArchiveSeptember Newsletter

Chapter Officers


Les Boatwright
3640 Fraizer Ct.
Titusville, FL 32780
321 269 1723

Vice President

Edward Brennan
501 Water Side Circle
Titusville, Fl 32780


Kip Anderson
5812 Deer Trail Road
Titusville, FL 32780
321 269-4564


Herman Nagel
21425 Hobby Horse Lane
Christmas, FL 32709

Newsletter Editor

Larry Gilbert
2002 Malinda Lane
Titusville, FL 32796

Monthly Breakfast
First Saturday
8:00am til 10:00
Dunn Airpark Bldg. 10

Monthly Meeting
First Wednesday
Bldg. 10 Dunn Airpark

We provide opportunities for aviation enthusiasts to:

  • Meet new friends and people with mutual interests
  • Exchange information
  • Promote aviation
  • Provide Young Eagles flights

Smilin' Jack Fly-in

  • October
  • Dunn Airpark (X21)
  • Fly in, drive in, or walk in.
  • Lots of fun!!
  • See experimental, homebuilt, classic, and antique aircraft.
  • There will be good food, vendors and lots to see.

YouTube Video
Part of flight line - on YouTube
Video shot at our monthly breakfast: Sat. Sept. 6, 2008

The Spirit of Aviation A Tour meeting
Graphics on our Building 10 The shuttle mock-up by the Shuttle Landing Facility

Our Next Young Eagles Rallye: October 21, 2017

By then, the weather should be real nice and we hope to have a nice turn-out of youths for the Rally. So, it's not too soon to mention this to your relatives or neighbors and try to round up of few youngsters who would like to go for an airplane ride.

Young Eagles must be aged 8 to 17, and must have a signed parental form. We have done a Y-E Rally every October for a number of years now, and it's one of the most fun and rewarding events that we do!

2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the Young Eagles program, which has provided more than 2 million young people ages 8-17 with an introduction to the world of personal aviation.

Our Young Eagles Rallye October 15, 2016

Young Eagles program since 1992.
We have another Young Eagle Rally behind us now! What a great group of chapter members we have who show up for this and make this happen! As Young Eagle chapter coordinator, I want to thank our members who worked this event! The Y-E rally couldn't happen without all of the people who do the WORK! Safety is our #1 concern of course and the flight line crews involving aircraft movements, escorting children and adults around the flight line do an exemplary job! Also, the ground school that was conducted was very effective. Before flying the first two flights, I took my Y-E candidates around the Citabria to explain things about the Citabria and questioned them about the control surfaces and was surprised when the first boy knew what all of them were. He had a little problem pronouncing the word aileron though but, he knew them all! When I asked how he knew so much about the airplane, he pointed to Ben and his Pietenpol and said, he told us! Isn't that wonderful? I told the boy that Ben is a real smart man.

The first stop for our candidates is the registration table and our folks made all feel welcome and exuded an atmosphere of fun right away! Nothing like a good first impression! All of this stuff goes on so that we who are lucky enough to be able to fly these flights can have all the fun! I know I'm having a very good time doing this and it seems as though all of us who get to do the flying are. The children I flew were all very well behaved and interested. They were a pleasure to be around. We Young Eagle pilots all have stories about the youth we fly and they are fun to hear and tell. Alberto told me about a girl he flew in his C172 who wouldn't let go of the hand strap near the top of the door post in front and on her right. She flew the whole flight that way! When they landed and were ready to get out of the plane Alberto told her that if she flies with him again, he'll get a screwdriver and remove that strap and she can hold it on her lap because it'll be a lot more comfortable that way!

We flew 25 Young Eagles and the kids got good quality 20 min + rides out over the wilds of the St. Johns River. The wind was brisk out of the Northeast and by noon the ride was a little bumpy, especially on short final approaching over the trees. No one complained about that and they all had the big Young Eagle smile when the ride was finished!

Deborah, Donna, and Loretta made some really good cookies and they were served in bldg.10 where the final paperwork for each flight was completed.

There's a young boy who I've (Larry) flown at the last three events. His name is Quinton Speed, you may have noticed him with his father Tony. Neat thing is, that Bill Mitchell, (now deceased), took Tony for his first flight in his C150 Aerobat a long time ago. Bill told me that story about that flight. The thing was, Tony was a big kid and there's not a lot of room in the side by side C150 and Bill was a little squeezed on that flight. For Tony, that sparked an enthusiasm for flight and he still loves being around planes and brings young Quinton to all of our Y-E events and sometimes to our breakfasts. Tony posted this comment on facebook" Q went on a young Eagles flight today at (X-21) Dunn Airpark. The cool thing is, I went on my young Eagles flight from the same airport in 1992.

Young Eagle Quinton & pilot Larry Gilbert - October 15, 2016

2010 Young Eagle Flight #1 2010 Young Eagle Flight #2 2010 Young Eagle Flight #3 2010 Young Eagle Flight #4

July 4, 2005
Mark Oriza was flying his homebuilt SE5 around Dunn Airpark on this Independence Day 2005.
He had her decked out in the "colors."

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