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North Brevard
Heritage Foundation

P.O. Box 653
Titusville, FL 32781-0653

North Brevard Heritage Foundation Logo

The Many Faces of Preservation Conference
April 28 - 30, 2017
Titusville, Florida

A Melding And Meeting Of Like Minds Involved In The Professions
Of Historic Preservation & Restoration, Historic Home Ownership
And Museum Management

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North Brevard Heritage Foundation, Inc.

We are a non-profit organization established to promote and facilitate preservation of historical structures and sites in North Brevard County.

We promote alternatives to demolition when structures or sites are threatened with loss, due to neglect and deterioration or new site development. By providing an alternative use, The Foundation promotes increased public awareness, and participates with other public and non-profit organizations engaged in programs to save, restore and preserve historically significant structures or sites in North Brevard County.


The Historical Carter Family Home Restoration

The North Brevard Heritage Foundation, Inc. was instrumental in saving the structure from code violations and possibly being demolished. I worked with the family and City of Titusville to get the violations settled, and after transferring by quit claim deeds, I was able to help the North Brevard Charities and Sharing Center acquire the property. It will be restored for adaptive reuse for the community. - Roz Fostery


Pritchard house ca: 1900

Pritchard House Restoration
and House Museum


Tours of the Pritchard House.

Tours offered by appointment call 321-607-0203. For large group tours hours can be flexible. Donation $5.00 per person. Saturdays are reserved for special events, rentals, large tours and open house.

Pritchard house restored


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Clifton Colored School House - 1890-1891
Clifton Colored School House 1890-1891
The school, built in 1890, was discovered in 2003 in a remote wooded area north of Kennedy Space Center.

Gibson Houses in 2005
The Gibson Tenement Houses
The three shotgun style wood structures are all that remain of a larger complex of tenement houses built sometime in early 1900 and owned by William Gibson and his wife Kate.

Oliver's Camp at Chain of Lakes - Titusville Oliver's Camp
This house was the "main camp" of the Oliver family who migrated from Missouri in the early 1870's. The family homesteaded an area of Turnbull Hammock and they owned large tracts of timberland and citrus groves.

Water Tower & Windmill
William's Point - Windmill and Water Tower
Charlie Williams opened the Point (Williams Point) on Christmas Day in 1927. It is believed that the water tower and windmill are much older than 1927.

Merritt Island pineapple plantation
Pineapple Point
Plans are to replicate the Merritt Island Pineapple Plantation with the 3 elements which will include William’s Point Windmill, an elevated water tank, & the field station house.

Brevard Heritage Park

Brevard Heritage Park will provide valuable educational opportunities to all that visit and experience this preservation masterpiece.  In addition, it will provide a place to reflect, to teach, to learn, and most of all to enjoy!



North Brevard Heritage Foundation and the Titusville Playhouse present an original black history anthology. Brevard pioneers come to life in black history presentation, “Footprints.”
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To information, and a question, about an old Welcome to Titusville sign.

Do you know where this old sign was located?

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"Preservation As An Art Form"
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Click to view gallery.
Enjoy some photos of the exhibit which featured antiques, artifacts, photographs and other materials that focus on and creatively interpret, the Foundation's preservation efforts at the historic Pritchard House and structures that will be located at Brevard Heritage Park. Objects included those found at structures such as the 1891 Clifton Schoolhouse, the Hutcheson Barn, and the Mims Train Depot were displayed.


501c3 Umbrella Organization
April 18th, 2005

Mission Statement to Include:

  1. Preservation of North Brevard County history, historic buildings and sites.
  2. Promote education & public awareness of North Brevard County Heritage through photos, documentation, oral histories, displays, & publications relating to buildings and sites preserved by the foundation.
  3. Interaction and networking with related interest organizations to promote folk life displays & presentations representing North Brevard County & Florida history.
  4. Promotion of Heritage tourism related to the history of North Brevard County
  5. Community involvement and support
  • Funding will be provided through state and federal grants as well as donations, and sponsorship from business and private sectors.
  • Supporting organizations will apply for grants within their own realm.
  • In-kind services hours = to money
  • Memberships

North Brevard Heritage Foundation Logo

North Brevard
Heritage Foundation

P.O. Box 653
Titusville, FL 32796-0653

North Brevard Heritage Foundation Logo