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The East Mims Neighborhood Plan - Draft

Neighborhood Plan Summary - April 28, 2003
Capital Improvements Plan - April 28, 2003




We have made positive strides toward the completion of Phase I of our 2020 Visioning Process. We continue to use community unity events as we move into the process of developing a comprehensive strategy to implement our vision. While we develop our strategy, we are taking the necessary steps to begin increasing the quality of life for residents.

In January of this year, with the help of the business community and The Brevard County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) Police Athletic League, we rededicated the newly renovated Harry T. Moore Substation at the corner of Harry T. Moore and Main Street. On Saturday, February 17, 2001, residents and BCSO PAL hosted an open house for the children of the community. BCSO PAL will share the operation of the substation with residents. The newly renovated facility has a computer room, an arts and crafts room and a movie room. For more information about activities and operating hours, please contact Mrs. Jessie Robinson at 269-1683. Our fall community clean up removed more than 45 tons of debris from our neighborhood. As we move into spring, we are again inviting Brevard County Code Enforcement to our community for a spring clean up. We are also continuing the demolition of unsafe and hazardous buildings.

For our June 2 Community Fun Day we are inviting vendors for a small fee of $20. Reservation deadline is May 1, 2001. We have some additional activities planned and are hoping to add a "surprise" event that will not be announced until Fun Day.

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