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B.E.T.A. Crisis Pregnancy Center - Titusville Florida
B.E.T.A. Crisis Pregnancy Center building       B.E.T.A. Crisis Pregnancy Center
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620 Garden St., Titusville, FL 32796
(321) 264-0446

3/4 mile west of U.S. Route 1 on the right (north).
HOURS: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
9:30am to 1:00pm

B.E.T.A. of Titusville
Crisis Pregnancy Center

B.E.T.A. of Titusville, Inc., is a private, non-profit, organization that has been serving the North Brevard community for over 31 years as a crisis pregnancy center. Services at the center include non-judgmental counseling, free pregnancy tests sent to a hospital lab, free maternity clothing, infant furniture, bedding, layette items, baby clothes through size T4, as well as formula and diapers on an emergency basis. B.E.T.A. is staffed by women of diverse religious beliefs, united in an effort to fill the needs of women and families not met by other groups in the North Brevard area. We have been reaching out to women in unplanned pregnancies, single mothers of infants, confused and frightened teenagers and distressed families. Our all volunteer staff has been driven by knowing how urgently these services are needed.

In addition, as part of our services, we hold seminars for the youth of our area to help them be informed on dealing with the changes from childhood to adolescence to adulthood. "Girls Are Great - A Celebration of Growing Up and Understanding Our Changing Bodies" is held in the Spring each year.

"Respect Life"

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are needed to staff our office, sort clothing, wash and mend clothing, fix furniture and other office tasks. (We have a small staff of all unpaid volunteers. We really need additional volunteers.)

We would appreciate people willing to donate their time to do minor repairs to our building on an as-needed basis.

Donations of used baby clothes, furniture, and maternity clothing are welcome. That's how we get items for our clients. If your children are grown, you can shop the yard sales for good cribs or other baby equipment to donate to us. Cribs are always in short supply.

You can become an honorary God mother/God father by donating $25.00 per year either in a lump sum or in smaller amounts throughout the year to help us with our expenses. We rely on private donations to keep in operation. We get no Federal Funding.

If none of the above options are available to you, please keep us in your prayers asking that we may have the means to provide the services necessary for those in need.

If you would like further information, please call us at (321) 264-0446. If the office is not open, please leave a message with your name and number and we will call you back.

B.E.T.A. Crisis Pregnancy Center - Titusville FL
Kimberly Severson, Director

Alex Rose, Treasurer Bert Williamson-Musco, Secretary

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