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Just for the Cause, Inc.

Liz Parker, President

Meeting the challenges of autism, one therapy at a time, one child at a time

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The number and intensity of services required to help an autistic child regain a nearly typical future is overwhelming.

The decision to give your child a chance to have an independent future should not be.

It takes funding to recover autistic children.

Just for the Cause, Inc. was formed in 2004, after Liz Parker discovered the critical lack of funding for therapeutic services for autistic children. Liz' own daughter, Kiera, was diagnosed as severely autistic in 2001, and Kiera's successful journey toward recovery has been both challenging and educational.

Recovery requires significant effort from each family member, as well as from a whole host of service providers. Kiera's team consists of dedicated physicians and specialists, a nutritionist, specialists in Applied Behavioral Analysis/Verbal Behavior, Speech, Language, Occupational, and Physical therapies, Therapeutic Horseback Riding, and dedicated teachers and assistants.

By far, the greatest expense is for a critical, time-intensive therapy called Applied Behavioral Analysis/Verbal Behavior. The cost for this critical therapy often exceeds $40,000 a year (little, if any, is paid by insurers). This is a sad state of affairs, because it is this therapy that gives autistic children a voice and an active place in the "mainstream" world; it teaches language and communication skills, socialization, self-care, and so much more. Currently, there is little to no Private, State, or Federal funding to pay the enormous cost of these services.

Just for the Cause, Inc. fundraisers help defray the cost to families for providing critical services to their autistic children.

We are improving quality of life for children with autism and their families. One child at a time, one therapy at a time.

Just for the Cause, Inc. fills the void left by private insurers, public agencies, and established charities, who refuse to fund or under-fund the critical, intensive, and on-going therapeutic services necessary to provide children with autism an opportunity to achieve independent futures.

Bring in a little sunshine.

What, exactly, are we doing?

Performing community outreach activity;
Educating families about therapeutic opportunities, and supporting families with community events, designed to include autistic children.

Fund-raising, to provide grants for therapeutic services including, but not limited to the following therapies:

Applied Behavioral Analysis/Verbal Behavior, Speech, Language, Occupational,Biomedical, Nutritional, Music, Sensory Integration, and Therapeutic Horseback Riding.

Establishing dialogue and improving community collaboration, to improve understanding of autism spectrum disorders and the importance of early intervention to successful outcomes, between:

Families, therapeutic agencies, and educational institutions.

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