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Housing Enhancement
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Drop-In Center/
Food Pantry

The Drop-In Center is open to provide individuals in need with can goods and bread. Contact the office for operation hours.

Vocational Assessment

These assessments are used to evaluate the current employability skills of program participants. The results will define a course of action to enhance their current skill set and the potential for an enhanced revenue stream.

Prescription Drug Assistance/

Participants are referred to a partnering prescription drug assistance program and a prescription drug consultant to discuss medication options that may be more cost effective. Additionally, consultation regarding the interactions of certain medication will be provided on an as needed basis.

Case Management

Every participant will be assigned a case manager that will oversee their progression from current state into an enhanced state of self-sufficiency and independence.

Addiction Counseling

Participants who have substance and emotional challenges will be required to attend AA, NA, and other Addiction Counseling sessions.


 Transportation will be provided in the form or HELP’s “Transportation Plus  Program” – HELP will provide transportation for social services agencies in need of supplemental transportation for their clients., and transportation for individuals under a Voucher based model.


HELP will continue to advocate for the less fortunate and those who are underrepresented by attending community meetings, participate in community development activities, and meet people where they are.

Peer Support

The best support in the world comes from those who understand your plight and are connected through life experiences. HELP will continue to be an organization that brings together individuals from every walk of life to uplift and support each other.


HELP will assist individuals with putting together a financial budget that is attainable and aligned to income potential.

Home Ownership Qualification

HELP will provide counseling for those participants who are seeking purchase a home. 


HELP will provide various educational and training services allowing participants to  mature and develop intellectually and socially

Life Skills

This training will allow clients to identify societal norms and behavior patterns that challenges those norms , creating problems in everyday living. 

To apply for HELP Social Services, please complete the HELP Evaluation Form.

For more information on HELP Social Services please send an e-mail to: help@housingenhancement.org



Qualified individuals and families will be provided emergency housing for up to 30 days contingent on situation.


Qualified individuals are able to reside in a community living environment for up to 24 months following all program guidelines and objectives towards independent living.


 Qualified individuals and families are able to live in a independent living environment for 12-month increments.  They are required to follow less stringent living arrangement while working towards home ownership.

Home Ownership

Individuals and Families are nurtured through  the home ownership process and pre-qualified for home purchase.

Workforce Housing

HELP will align itself with corporate sponsors and developers to create a strategy that gives the local workforce and essential personnel access to affordable housing.

To apply for HELP Housing Services, please complete the HELP Evaluation Form.

For more information on HELP Housing Services please send an e-mail to: help@housingenhancement.org