Hidden Potentials tutoring of Titusville Florida.

THANKS to our Community Supporters

  • Bristow Academy, Titusville
  • Parrish Medical Center
  • North Brevard Medical Support
  • Rising Stars Lead Club
  • Travis Hardware
  • American Police Hall of Fame
  • Beach Regerral Grolup Leads


Your contributions help Hidden Potentials continue to provide services to special needs children as well as scholarships for children of low and moderate income families. You can also support our program by donating any of the following:

  • Office Supplies
  • Thank you notes
  • Gift certificates to McDonald's, Burger King, etc.
  • Educational games
  • Flash Cards
Bristow donates computers to Hidden Potentials.
Bristow Academy donates computers to Hidden Potentials.

If you would like to become a
Hidden Potentials Supporter
please call our office (321) 267-6318.
Your donations are tax-deductible.

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