Hidden Potentials tutoring of Titusville Florida.

Hidden Potentials is an 18 year old non-profit organization. Over 60 staff currently work with individuals (children and adults) in the home, daycare, private school or library to provide outstanding tutoring and caregiving services throughout Brevard County.

Why was Hidden Potentials created?

Kathy & Tristan Clinton By December of 1995, Kathy Clinton's 5-year-old son, Tristan, who had been diagnosed with autism in 1993, was still unable to dress himself, feed himself with a spoon or fork, or follow simple directions. His behaviors were causing problems in their family life. She realized that they needed some help to get him on the right track. Doctors suggested one-on-one behavior modification because it is proven to work with children of all exceptionalities.

Kathy found someone to work with Tristan in 2-hour sessions, twice a day, for 6 days a week. They progressed so that in 3 months, he was feeding himself, requesting items that he wanted and following simple directions.

What took the Clintons months to pull together (finding a qualified person to work with Tristan, learning about behavior modification, and setting up a home program) is difficult for most parents, especially if they are dealing with the emotional issues of a diagnosis at the same time. Finding qualified, reputable, honest people to work with their child can also be very time consuming, frustrating or unsuccessful.

Hidden Potentials is dedicated to help individuals with special needs function better in their home, community and school environments. By working with parents, caregivers, school personnel and other therapists, a plan can be devised which will benefit the "whole" person.

Services have expanded to include tutoring for general education students and caregiving for elderly and special needs individuals.


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