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American Space Museum & Space Walk of Fame

American Space Museum
& Space Walk of Fame

308 Pine Street
Downtown Titusville
P. O. Box 6385
Titusville, FL 32782-6385
(321) 264-0434
We are OPEN By Reservation Only
Click HERE for details.

Inspiring our communities during COVID-19 through Online engagement...

Inspiring our communities during COVID19 through Online engagement...

In an effort to share more encouragement and good in the world at a time when we all would like a little more human interaction, we have developed a program we are calling "Stay Curious" being broadcast LIVE every weekday at 2:30 pm via our FaceBook page. (Expanding soon to YouTube also!)

Watch for FB LIVE posts as we take YOU inside our Museum!

Our (socially distanced) team puts together the concepts, materials, special guests (when available), special exhibit highlights and videos each day and our own Mark Marquette presents it all to the world on our behalf each afternoon. We have had engagement from people all over the planet and also from our local community and we are very excited about the future possibilities with this!

Also lately, we have added bonus episodes with launch broadcasts, astronomy highlights and other interesting things.

We invite everyone to join us, email input and ideas, share with others, and encourage the world around you safely (please share that too!) as we walk together through this experience and out to the other side.

BLASTS FROM THE PAST: Press Releases and Photographs

Important Announcements

First - A BIG Thank you!!!

Our Auction Saturday was big success. We had a fantastic event with a great turnout of enthusiastic collectors both in person and online. The auctions have become an important part of our non-profit business model, and we are very grateful to our auction participants, our auctioneer Chuck Jeffrey's passionate efforts, and the work of our small staff and volunteers who make it happen. Our next auction is scheduled for May 30th.


We want to thank those of you who have given and donated so faithfully over the years in memberships and gifts and in so many other ways. If ever there was a time when we needed your continued support, it is definitely now. We are requesting of those who are able, annual commitments of $10 a month or whatever you might be able to give, to keep our space history alive and protected during this difficult time.


SALT Program
SALT -- The SALT program is an exciting, proprietary program that is currently under development. SALT stands for Strategic thinking, Administration, Leadership and Teamwork. Too many young people today lack skill and understanding in these areas. Schools, businesses and organizations are looking for young people who understand how to lead, how to work as a team, how to plan and execute, and how to problem solve. Get more information here.

The ASTRO KIDS book series, funded in part by the PNC BANK FOUNDATION will soon be unveiled by the Museum. Each book in the series will be tied to a specific STEAM and/or SALT theme. Get more information here.

Have you heard about ASpEx?
ASpEx -- American Space Education Experience: ASPEX is the American Space Education Experience. It is our International program that hosts students from China, Japan, Great Britain, Spain & more. Get more information here.

It's what's been happening across the Lagoon.
And, these are our neighbors who made it happen!

Redstone Rocket launching Alan Shepard, Jr. Have you ever wanted to be up close and personal to the behind the scenes action of an actual launch? See what it's like in the U.S Space Walk of Fame's Pad 36A Launch control Room. We have the actual working consoles used to send satellites into orbit! Audio tapes of the actual launches help you experience the liftoff of giant rockets. Space suites, flight manuals, flown-in-space gear, ground support equipment, to-scale rocket models a Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Launch pad and crawler model with lots of personal memorabilia donated by former space workers fills out this one of a kind space exhibit venue.

SWOF Museum Gift Shop Veterans of the space program serve as knowledgeable guides providing a first-hand history of the U.S. space program. The museum also has a gift shop providing visitors with a wide variety of space souvenirs. Books, t-shirts, caps, pens and games are among the items for sale.

Admission is $10.00, open Monday through Saturday from 10AM to 5PM and special events, closed major holidays. The Museum is located at 308 Pine Street in Downtown Titusville, Between the Pritchard House and St. Gabriel's Church.

Our Space Walk of Fame Park features monuments to the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle missions. It is an ideal location to see KSC space launches.

Aerial view of the new Space Shuttle monument in Titusville

Have your name or the name of a loved one engraved.
Shuttle Monument engravings available for $100 each.
Please click here.
To our Facebook page.

Click for an enlargement with details.
Click for an enlargement with details.

VISIT our Space View Park

VISIT U.S. Space Walk of Fame Foundation Website

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