North Brevard History - Titusville, Florida

1954 Map of the Rt. 406/402-Haulover Area

From a 1954 map of Brevard Co. Fla.
Portion of the current Merritt Island NWR map.
The two maps superimposed (and rotated).
1954 map of Merritt Island NWR area
2002 map of Merritt Island NWR
2002 map of Merritt Island NWR
  • The population of Titusville was 2,604 (Whispering Hills & Indian River City had not been annexed.)
  • Dummitt Cove was spelled with one "t."
  • SR 401 in lower right corner of map (between plots 25 & 30) was access into the U. S. Air Force
  • Eastern Missile Test Center.
  • The name of Mosquito Lagoon had been changed to Indian River Lagoon in an attempt to improve the "visibility" to tourists. This plus a later attempt to change the name of Cape Canaveral to Cape Kennedy was squashed because U.S. Govt. maps & charts would not be changed.
  • SR 406 from the intersection of SR 402 to US 3 was affectionately called "pot hole road," it was not repaved until the early 90's.

These maps are compliments of Bob Paty.

Enjoy his beautiful photography by clicking here.

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