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North Brevard Historical Society & Museum

24th Annual
Afternoon in the Park

Saturday, March 18th
11:00am - 4:00pm
Fox Lake Park

Afternoon in the Park & BBQ
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Newly painted museum - February, 2012.

301 South Washington Avenue
P.O. Box 5265
Titusville, FL 32783
(321) 269-3658

Museum Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday
10:00am - 3:00pm

Downtown; U.S. Rt.1
Corner of Main St.

Colonel Titus

Quarterly Member meetings are
on the 4th Monday of
January, April, July & October
at Dixie Crossroads in the very back
room, beyond the large dining room.

About the Society


A mural on our North Wall

🔔 Articles, Photos & Maps on North Brevard History 🔔

Some photos from our 23rd Annual BBQ - A Day In The Park - March 19, 2016
Work has completed on the Mural on our North Wall!

Rendition of our historic mural.

"Reflections of Our Past"
Read about it here.

The Historical Carter Family Home Restoration

Our Museum Facebook Page

Officers: President - Bill Baldwin; Vice-president - Amy Spillers; Secretary - Judy Davis; Treasurer - June Hodson; Past President - Betty Mattingly
Board of Directors: Gini Campbell, Leigh Lorence, Paul Marion, Michael Knight, Katie McQuade, Esther Vulpius, and Herman Wattwood, Jr.

VOLUNTEERS: have the opportunity to learn more about the fascinating people, places and events that have come and gone and left traces that shape our community. On your 2 1/2 hour shift(s), you get to share all this with our visitors. For information and to join us, please call: 269-3658.

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Articles, Photos & Maps on North Brevard History

Historic Preservation Board - City of Titusville, FL

We are always looking to expand our collection of artifacts & photos.
Gallery of Historic Postcards
Historic Postcards CD Flyer

Click to see the 1967 Centennial Celebration booklet.
Click to see booklet.

Newspaper Archives

The News.
Newspaper Archives at the Titusville Historical Museum:
The Museum maintains an archive of newspapers dating back to 1861 (Attack on Fort Sumter) up to the present day. Click here for an Index that we have created and sorted in date order and also features a lead story, generally pertinent to the history of Titusville. These newspapers are available for research or just plain pleasure reading