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Col. Titus of Titusville, Florida     Historical Society of North Brevard, Inc.    
301 South Washington Ave.
Titusville, FL 32796

P.O. Box 5265
Titusville, FL 32783
The LaGrange church in Mims, Florida

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Updated: Jan. 31, 2013
Location Box-Sh. Publish date:   Year Day/Mo. LEAD STORY Publication
0-01 1861 15-Apr The Attack on Fort Sumter and Surrender--Fax in 1933--Laminated Chicago Tribune
0-02 1865 10-Apr Lee and his whole army Surrenders. Civil War is over-Fax in 1933-Laminated Chicago Tribune
0-03 1865 15-Apr President Lincoln Assinated at Ford's Theater--Fax in 1933-Laminated Chicago Tribune
0-04 1871 11-Oct Chicago Fire!! 2,600 Acres of Buildings Destroyed--Fax in 1933-Laminated Chicago Tribune
0-05 1895 6-Apr Income Tax Law Upheld and awaits formal ratification-Fax in 1933-Laminated Chicago Daily Tribune
0-06 1898 16-Feb Maine is Blown up in Havana Harbor--Fax in 1933--Laminated Chicago Daily Tribune
0-07 1912 25-Oct List of Qualified Voters in Brevard County plus 50th Anniversary Edition Titusville Florida Star
0-08 1914 30-Jan East Coast Advocate and Indian River Chronicle Vol. 24 No. 25 Titusville East Coast Advocate
0-09 1915 10-Sep East Coast Advocate and Indian River Chronicle Vol. 26 No. 5 Titusville East Coast Advocate
0-10 1915 19-Nov East Coast Advocate and Indian River Chronicle Vol. 26 No. 15 Titusville East Coast Advocate
0-11 1918 11-Nov Great War Ends--Armistice signed by Germany--Fax in 1933--FPO Laminated Chicago Daily Tribune
0-12 1918 12-Nov Full Surrender by Foes--World War I ends--Fax in 1933--FPO Laminated Chicago Daily Tribune
0-13 1919 3-Jan East Coast Advocate and Indian River Chronicle Vol. 29 No. 22 Titusville East Coast Advocate
0-14 1919 11-Apr East Coast Advocate and Indian River Chronicle Vol. 29 No. 36 Titusville East Coast Advocate
0-15 1919 23-May East Coast Advocate and Indian River Chronicle Vol. 29 No. 42 Titusville East Coast Advocate
0-16 1919 5-Sep East Coast Advocate and Indian River Chronicle Vol. 30 No. 5 Titusville East Coast Advocate
0-17 1919 19-Sep East Coast Advocate and Indian River Chronicle Vol. 30 No. 7 Titusville East Coast Advocate
0-18 1919 17-Oct East Coast Advocate and Indian River Chronicle Vol. 30 No. 11 Titusville East Coast Advocate
0-19 1927 22-May Lindbrgh Lands in Paris--Fax in 1933--FPO Laminated Chicago Sunday Tribune
0-20 1927 7-Jun Crowd (50,000) Welcomes "Columbia" to Berlin-M'Adoo Holds Prohibition Issue Clearwater Sun
0-21 1930 1-Jul Anniversary Edition; 43 Years Ago Flagler began East Coast (RR) Titusville Star-Advocate
0-22 1933 8-Nov Prohibition is voted out Chicago Daily Tribune
0-23 1934 26-Jan Enrollment in Brev. County Schools is 2928 Titusville Star-Advocate
0-24 1934 27-Jul Over 100 Slain as Civil War Flares in Austria--Nazi Insurgents bombarded Mobile Register
0-25 1935 22-Jan Witnesses on Stand Here in Welch Will Case Titusville Star-Advocate
0-26 1935 24-May Sand Point Cleared of Back Taxes (for Over Pass) Titusville Star-Advocate
0-27 1935 19-Jul Nevins Packing Plant to be Enlarged plus Titusville Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
0-28 1935 23-Jul Citizens Bank Takes Over Bank of Titusville building Titusville Star-Advocate
0-29 1935 26-Jul Citrus Men Oppose Bill on Fruit Coloring Titusville Star-Advocate
0-30 1939 31-Jan Germany and Italy stand side-by-side says Hitler Ocala Morning Banner
0-31 1939 8-Sep Councilmen Qualify for the Primary Titusville Star-Advocate
0-32 1939 24-Nov Captain Pritchard Built First Electric Light Plant (in Brevard Progress Edition) Titusville Star-Advocate
Location Box-Sh. Publish date: Year Day/Mo. LEAD STORY Publication
0-33 1940 2-Jan Canal Banks Lined with Coquina Rock Titusville Star-Advocate
0-34 1940 5-Jan March 1 Date is Suggested for Valencias Titusville Star-Advocate
0-35 1940 2-Feb Embargo in Effect Now on Citrus Titusville Star-Advocate
0-36 1940 23-Feb Society-Clubs and Personals sheet Titusville Star-Advocate
0-37 1940 27-Feb Chittenden Resigns as Mayor-Klingensmith May Serve Titusville Star-Advocate
0-38 1940 12-Mar Citrus Crop Lower Than Last Year Titusville Star-Advocate
0-39 1940 26-Mar Five Without Opposition in Primaries Titusville Star-Advocate
0-40 1940 25-Oct National Draft to get Under Way Next Week Titusville Star-Advocate
0-41 1940 29-Nov 1880-1940 Sixtieth Anniversary Edition; Titusville Star-Advocate
0-42 1941 8-Dec US and JAPS at WAR (front pg.); WAR! BOMB WARSAW-9/1/1939 (back pg.) Chicago Daily Tribune
0-43 1942 17-Mar Macarthur in Australia to take United Nations Command Clearwater Sun
0-44 1942 6-May Corregidor Falls--Fax in 1933--FPO Laminated Chicago Daily Tribune
0-45 1942 9-May Repulse Jap Fleet!--Fax in 1933--FPO Laminated Chicago Daily Tribune
0-46 1942 6-Jun Japs Repulsed at Midway!--Fax in 1933--FPO Laminated Chicago Daily Tribune
0-47 1942 8-Nov AEF Invades Africa--Fax in 1933--FPO Laminated Chicago Sunday Tribune
0-48 1943 6-Jul War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
0-49 1943 9-Jul War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
0-50 1943 13-Jul War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
0-51 1943 16-Jul War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
0-52 1943 23-Jul War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
0-53 1943 27-Jul War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
0-54 1943 6-Aug War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
0-55 1943 10-Aug War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
0-56 1943 13-Aug War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
0-57 1943 17-Aug War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
0-58 1943 20-Aug County Quota in Third War Fund Drive is $700,000 Titusville Star-Advocate
1-01 1943 3-Sep Allies Invade Italy(front pg.), Allies invade France-6/6/1944(back pg.)-FPO Laminated Chicago Daily Tribune
1-02 1943 3-Sep War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
1-03 1943 7-Sep War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
1-04 1943 10-Sep War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
1-05 1943 14-Sep War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
1-06 1943 17-Sep War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
1-07 1943 21-Sep War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
1-08 1943 24-Sep War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
Location Box-Sh. Publish date: Year Day/Mo. LEAD STORY Publication
1-09 1943 28-Sep War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
1-10 1943 1-Oct War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
1-11 1943 8-Oct War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
1-12 1943 15-Oct War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
1-13 1943 22-Oct War News--Includes Titusville Town Topics Titusville Star-Advocate
1-14 1943 30-Nov Men and Women in Service Titusville Star-Advocate
1-15 1944 8-Feb Society-Clubs and Personals Titusville Star-Advocate
1-16 1944 21-Mar Florida Pays 18 Million Income Taxes Titusville Star-Advocate
1-17 1945 13-Apr President Roosevelt is Dead; 9th (Army) crosses Elbe, nears Berlin New York Times
1-18 1945 13-Apr Roosevelt is Dead!--Fax in 1933--FPO Laminated Chicago Daily Tribune
1-19 1945 8-May V-E Day-Truman-President Proclaims Victory--Fax in 1933-FPO Laminated Chicago Daily Tribune
1-20 1945 15-Aug The Great War ENDS(front pg.); Atomic Bomb Story!-5/7/1945(back pf.)-FPO Laminated Chicago Daily Tribune
1-21 1945 15-Aug The WAR is Over - Truman Proclaims Victory Philadelphia Record
1-22 1945 15-Aug Truman Announces Second World War Over as Japs Quit Times-Herald (Washington DC)
1-23 1945 5-Oct Titusville Named Among Sites for New Post Office Titusville Star-Advocate
1-24 1946 25-Jan Brevard's Victory Bond Total 168 % of Quota Titusville Star-Advocate
1-25 1948 6-Apr J.J. Parrish Dies Saturday in Jacksonville Titusville Star-Advocate
1-26 1953 28-Apr USO Drive Seen In Need Of Pickup in Brevard Co. (Brevard County Edition) Orlando Evening Star
1-27 1954 10-Dec Correct Craft to Add to Payroll & Plant Facilities Here Titusville Star-Advocate
1-28 1955 18-Jan Real Estate Sales for Year Total More Than 15,000,000; J.J. Parrish Jr. Meets IKE Titusville Star-Advocate
1-29 1955 25-Sep County Seat Move Endorsed by Melbourne--Melbourne wants County Seat Sunday Times-Central Brevard
1-30 1955 5-Oct Phrasing Creates Validity Question (over Courthouse Location) Melbourne Daily Times
1-31 1955 6-Dec Our 75th Anniversary Edition Titusville Star-Advocate
1-32 1956 21-Apr Max Brewer Gives Platform for Re-Election Orlando Evening Star
1-33 1956 15-May Titusville Prepares for Kefauver (Brevard Edition) Orlando Evening Star
1-34 1956 4-Dec Indian River City Chamber Elects Officers Titusville Star-Advocate
1-35 1956 7-Dec Charter for 1st Federal Received (Operational in January) Titusville Star-Advocate
1-36 1956 11-Dec Action on Expansion of City Limits Slated for Council Titusville Star-Advocate
1-37 1956 14-Dec Chamber of Commerce Issues map showing 'fill area' for Downtown Titusville Titusville Star-Advocate
1-38 1956 18-Dec Community Christmas Party is Set at Draa Field Titusville Star-Advocate
1-39 1956 21-Dec City Building Permits Soar Over $2 Million Titusville Star-Advocate
1-40 1956 25-Dec Merry Christmas; Jaycees have Concessions at NASCAR Races Titusville Star-Advocate
1-41 1956 28-Dec Suit Filed to Stop Tax Collecton for Hospital Titusville Star-Advocate
1-42 1957 1-Jan What Was Top News Stories for 1956 Titusville Star-Advocate
Location Box-Sh. Publish date: Year Day/Mo. LEAD STORY Publication
1-43 1957 4-Jan City Sewer, Water System Problems Discussed Titusville Star-Advocate
1-44 1960 12-Sep DONNA 'No Lady' in N. Brevard Titusville Star-Advocate
1-45 1960 14-Sep Today is Final Day to Qualify Titusville Star-Advocate
2-01 1960 9-Nov Trend indicates Kennedy Wins Los Angeles Times
2-02 1960 9-Nov Nixon Concedes Los Angeles Herald Express
2-03 1961 7-Aug Cape Canaveral to Purchase More Property Titusville Star-Advocate
2-04 1962 20-Feb Glenn Launched Into Orbit; 'Beautiful Sight,' He Says Columbus Evening Dispatch
2-05 1962 21-Feb Titusville Watches as Col. John Glenn Orbits Earth Titusville Star-Advocate
2-06 1962 21-Feb Kennedy May OK U.S.-Soviet Space Work Plan Columbus Evening Dispatch
2-07 1962 23-Feb Not A Lonelly Day Today For Astronaut John Glenn Titusville Star-Advocate
2-08 1963 3-Jun Titusville High School Graduation Set Tonight Titusville Star-Advocate
2-09 1963 22-Nov Kennedy Killed By Assassin's Bullets Wheeling News-Register
2-10 1963 22-Nov President Slain--President Kennedy Was Shot to Death--FPO Laminated Orlando Evenint Star Extra
2-11 1963 23-Nov Sniper Slays Kennedy Orlando Sentinel
2-12 1963 23-Nov Kennedy said 'This is a very dangerous, uncertain worldÉÉ.' Washington Daily News
2-13 1963 23-Nov Kennedy is Killed by sniper-Johnson Sworn In On Plane New York Times
2-14 1963 24-Nov Oswald Had No Accomplices / Caroline & John-John told of their dad's fate Miami Herald
2-15 1963 25-Nov Titusville stands-pays tribute to Kennedy Titusville Star-Advocate
2-16 1963 25-Nov Assassin suspect Oswald Murdered in Dallas Jail Sun-Sentinel (Boca Raton)
2-17 1964 3-Jun Graduation Section -- Graduates Pictures and bio of class of 1964 Titusville Star-Advocate
2-18 1964 1-Jul Titusville "Growingest" City Titusville Star-Advocate
2-19 1964 27-Oct 110,000 area folks say 'Hi, Lyndon' Orlando Sentinel
2-20 1965 24-Mar Gemini A Step to the Moon--This issue is dedicated to Gus Grissom & John Young The Courier-Titusville
2-21 1965 9-Jun Astronauts Just Couldn't Feel Better Orlando Sentinel
2-22 1965 22-Jul 15th Anniversary Edition -- First Cape Kennedy Missile Launch Titusville Star-Advocate
2-23 1965 1-Oct Air Force Plans to Ignite Rocket 10 Times in Space Titusville Star-Advocate
2-24 1966 21-Mar Sabotage Ruled out in Gemini 8 Failure Florida Today
2-25 1967 28-Jan Three Astronauts (Grissom, Chaffee, White) Die in Apollo Cape Fire Florida Today
2-26 1967 28-Jan 3 Astronauts Killed - Flash Fire Hits Craft On Ground Orlando Sentinel
2-27 1967 29-Jan Tiny Electric Plug that didn't Unplug Suspected Apollo Death Fire Cause Florida Today
2-28 1967 30-Jan Grissom's Farewell to His Sons--and Ours; Jets Lead Tributes to Chaffee Florida Today
2-29 1967 31-Jan Apollo Tregedy Was Not the First Fire--Kirk Backs Astronaut Memorial Florida Today
2-30 1967 1-Feb Space Simulator Fire Kills 2 Florida Today
2-31 1967 22-Mar New 520 Bridge Opens Cocoa Tribune
Location Box-Sh. Publish date: Year Day/Mo. LEAD STORY Publication
2-32 1967 18-May Today's Centennial Edition 1867-1967 & Star Advocate insert Florida Today
2-33 1967 24-May Titusville Centennial Beard Contest Winners Titusville Star-Advocate
2-34 1967 10-Nov What a Day We Had in Space!--Moon Within Reach for 1969--Apollo 4 Florida Today
2-35 1968 5-Apr King Assassinated in Memphis Washington Post
2-36 1968 6-Apr 6000 Troops Move Into District(Washington); Johnson, Negros Confer Washington Post
2-37 1968 30-Apr North Brevard Looks AheadÉProgress Edition Titusville Star-Advocate
2-38 1968 6-Jun Kennedy (Robert) Extremely Critical (after being shot) Washington Post
3-01 1968 7-Jun RFK to be Buried in Arlington Washington Post
3-02 1968 8-Jun Thousands File Past RFK Bier Washington Post
3-03 1968 9-Jun Kennedy is Laid to Rest in Arlington; Grieving Throngs View Funeral Train Washington Post
3-03a 1968 1-Aug An Era Ends-Last Ride of the Iron Horse Titusville Star-Advocate
3-04 1968 22-Oct Apollo 7 Splashdown preparation; Humphrey gains-Nixon has lead Florida Today
3-05 1968 22-Oct Splashdown (Apollo 7) Safe plus Bob Hudson's Mullet Wrapper Titusville Star-Advocate
3-06 1968 23-Oct The Perfect Mission (Apollo 7) Florida Today
3-07 1968 22-Dec Metaprobe: New Answer fro Long Shots---Apollo 8 takes off Miami Herald
3-08 1968 24-Dec Our Spacemen Orbit the Moon (Apollo 8) Florida Today
3-09 1969 20-Jan Nixon Will Take Oath Today as 37th President Washington Post
3-10 1969 21-Jan Richard M. Nixon Becomes President with "Sacred Commitment" to Peace Washington Post
3-11 1969 29-Mar World Mourns IKE Florida Today
3-12 1969 30-Apr Things Looking up in Titusville & North Brevard-Includes Progress Edition Titusville Star-Advocate
3-13 1969 13-Jul Apollo 11: Man's Journey to Tomorrow Miami Herald
3-14 1969 15-Jul American Eagle 'Ready to Fly' (Apollo 11) plus Bob Hudson's Mullet Wrapper Titusville Star-Advocate
3-15 1969 16-Jul Godspeed, Apollo 11 Florida Today
3-16 1969 16-Jul We Shoot for the Moon (Apollo 11 launched) plus Bob Hudson's Mullet Wrapper Titusville Star-Advocate
3-17 1969 17-Jul The Future in Now (Apollo 11) Florida Today
3-18 1969 17-Jul What Was It Like to Watch Apollo 11? Titusville Star-Advocate
3-19 1969 17-Jul Apollo 11: Dead Aim On Destiny Orlando Sentinel
3-20 1969 17-Jul Next Stop: The Moon (Apollo 11); Blastoff Flawless Miami Herald
3-21 1969 20-Jul LM (Lunar Module) Landing: 12 Minutes to Destiny (Apollo 11) Miami Herald
3-22 1969 21-Jul Man on Moon- ' That's One small Step for Man; One giant Leap for Mankind' Florida Today
3-23 1969 21-Jul Americans On The Moon (Apollo 11) Orlando Sentinel
3-24 1969 22-Jul Homeward Bound (Apollo 11); Ted Kennedy charged in crash Florida Today
3-25 1969 25-Jul HOMECOMING (Apollo 11); Moon Travelers Splash Down Florida Today
3-26 1969 25-Jul Moon-Walk Heroes Home Safe (Apollo 11) Miami Herald
Location Box-Sh. Publish date: Year Day/Mo. LEAD STORY Publication
3-27 1969 31-Jul Man's Odyssey to the Moon (Apollo 11 Keepsake edition) Florida Today
3-28 1969 15-Nov Apollo 12 Trio Streaks Toward Moon Orlando Sentinel
3-29 1970 6-Mar Northwest Titusville Tagged Disaster Area--Tornado Titusville Star-Advocate
3-30 1970 14-Apr They're in Race to Live-Apollo 13 plus bob Hudson's Mullet Wraper-FPO Laminated Titusville Star-Advocate
3-31 1970 28-Apr Everything is going Up, Up, Up In North Brevard-Mailway Special-Progress Ed. Titusville Star-Advocate
3-32 1971 31-Jan Flames from Forest Fires Drive Families from homes Orlando Sentinel
3-33 1971 2-Feb (Apollo 14) Astronauts Get Go-Ahead for Moon Landing Orlando Sentinel
3-34 1971 6-Feb Moon Dust Pair Eager for 2nd Walk Orlando Sentinel
3-35 1971 11-Feb Titusville Honors H. H. Hudson Titusville Star-Advocate
3-36 1971 28-Apr Annual Mailaway Edition Florida Today
3-37 1971 29-Apr This Is Titusville-Mailaway Edition- Sections C & D Titusville Star-Advocate
3-38 1971 26-Jul They're Off To Moon (Apollo 15) plus Bob Hudson's Mullet Wrapper Titusville Star-Advocate
3-39 1972 14-Apr Space Shuttle comes to KSC; Go for Apollo (16) & Bob Hudson's Mullet Wrapper Titusville Star-Advocate
3-40 1972 16-Apr Apollo 16 Special Edition Florida Today
3-41 1972 16-May Wallace Expected to Live Sun-Sentinel (Boca Raton)
3-42 1972 8-Jun Publisher H.H. Hudson Dies plus Bob Hudson's Mullet Wrapper Titusville Star-Advocate
4-01 1972 4-Dec Crowds Jam Motels, Camp Sites (Apollo 17) plus Bob Hudson's Mullet Wrapper Titusville Star-Advocate
4-02 1972 5-Dec Apollo 17 crew bids trainer farewell plus Bob Hudson's Mullet Wrapper Titusville Star-Advocate
4-03 1972 6-Dec ApolloÉ.....a beginning (Apollo 12 thru Skylab review) Florida Today
4-04 1972 6-Dec Crew, Weather Right for Shot (Apollo 17) plus Bob Hudson's Mullet Wrapper Titusville Star-Advocate
4-05 1972 7-Dec Moon-Bound '17' A Good Show plus Bob Hudson's Mullet Wrapper Titusville Star-Advocate
4-06 1972 7-Dec Apollo 17 Up and Away / Truman has Relapse Orlando Sentinel
4-07 1972 27-Dec Death Claims Harry S Truman at 88 Orlando Sentinel
4-08 1973 23-Jan Lyndon Johnson Dies at 64 Sentinel Star
4-09 1973 25-Apr North Brevard Looking Ahead Special Edition Section C Titusville Star-Advocate
4-10 1973 11-May Skylab to Rocket New Era--Skylab Previewed plus Bob Hudson's Mullet Wrapper Titusville Star-Advocate
4-11 1974 5-May The NIXON Tapes Sentinel Star (Orlando)
4-12 1974 17-May Shot(Delta) Hits Rough Weather plus Bob Hudson's Mullet Wrapper Titusville Star-Advocate
4-13 1974 8-Aug Nixon, Kissinger Consult; Resignation Plans Drafted Florida Today
4-14 1974 9-Aug Nixon Resigns--Ford Steps Up at Noon Today Florida Today
4-15 1974 9-Aug Nixon Resigns Washington Post
4-16 1974 10-Aug Ford's Now President - Nixon Goes Home Sentinel Star (Orlando)
4-17 1974 10-Aug Ford Becomes 38th President Washington Post
4-18 1975 31-Jan Final Daily Issue, Weekly Issue begins. plus Bob Hudson's Mullet Wrapper Titusville Star-Advocate
Location Box-Sh. Publish date: Year Day/Mo. LEAD STORY Publication
4-19 1975 15-Jul Apollo - Soyuz: Rendevous in Space Florida Today
4-20 1975 16-Jul Apollo chases Soyuz, Minor problems arise Titusville Star-Advocate
4-21 1975 31-Oct Today's Bicentennial Invitation- Sections E, F, & G Florida Today
4-22 1976 30-May EXPO (at KSC): Welcome to Your Future Now Florida Today
4-23 1976 4-Jul America Celebrates it's 200th Washington Post
4-24 1977 17-Aug Heartbreak HotelÉElvis is Dead--The King Silent at 42 --laminate Florida Today
4-25 1978 1-Oct NASA: 20 Years and Counting (Anniversary Salute) Florida Today
4-26 1979 25-Mar KSC Hails Columbia Florida Today
4-27 1980 5-Nov Reagan defeats Carter; Election Returns Florida Today
4-28 1981 1-Jan Florida a big census gainer Florida Today
4-29 1981 21-Jan Emotional tide washes over Brevard--Hostages from Iran page 11A-FPO Laminated Florida Today
4-30 1981 31-Mar Reagan shot, OK Florida Today
4-31 1981 5-Apr Shuttle countdown-complete details of the 1st mission Florida Today
4-32 1981 9-Apr Shuttle (Columbia) astronauts arrive at KSC Florida Today
4-33 1981 10-Apr New Era dawns; Columbia is GO! Florida Today
4-34 1981 10-Apr Space odyssey: 1981 Orlando Sentinel-Star
4-35 1981 11-Apr Backup computer breakdown puts STS1 Shuttle in 'no-GO' mode Florida Today
4-36 1981 12-Apr Here We GO gain on Columbia Florida Today
4-37 1981 13-Apr Columbia's a gem Florida Today
4-38 1981 13-Apr 'One Fantastic Ride' (Columbia); Joe Louis dies Orlando Sentinel-Star
4-39 1981 14-Apr Shuttle heads for home (Columbia) Florida Today
4-40 1981 14-Apr A 'mean machine' purrs in dreamlike flight Orlando Sentinel-Star
5-01 1981 15-Apr TOUCHDOWN! Shuttle 'Columbia' lands at Edwards AFB Florida Today
5-02 1981 15-Apr A New Age Dawns (Columbia lands) plus Bob Hudson's Mullet Wrapper Titusville Star-Advocate
5-03 1981 7-Oct Egypt's Sadat slain; Soldiers gun down Sadat ---(FPO) Laminated Florida Today
5-04 1981 12-Nov It's Supershuttle! Florida Today
5-05 1981 13-Nov Columbia flies Again Orlando Sentinel-Star
5-06 1981 14-Nov Earth to Columbia: Come Home today Orlando Sentinel-Star
5-07 1982 22-Jun Hinckley not guilty-Reagan's shooter insane Florida Today
5-08 1982 10-Nov Shuttle 5: OPEN FOR BUSINESS Florida Today
5-09 1982 11-Nov Shuttle 5: Up for work and down to business Florida Today
5-10 1982 12-Nov Spacetruck Delivers (launch of Columbia) Florida Today
5-11 1983 4-Apr Shuttle (STS-6) go; Winds no-go Florida Today
5-12 1983 5-Apr Challenger's a champ (STS-6) Florida Today
Location Box-Sh. Publish date: Year Day/Mo. LEAD STORY Publication
5-13 1986 28-Jan Shuttle explodes; Crew of seven dies Florida Today
5-14 1986 28-Jan Shuttle Explodes (Challenger) Ft. Lauderdate News EXTRA
5-15 1986 29-Jan Explosion Stuns Nation--Challenger Disaster (2 copies + laminate) Florida Today
5-16 1986 29-Jan What went wrong? Explosion kills all 7 crew members The Orlando sentinel
5-17 1986 29-Jan Shuttle Explodes-seven astronauts die off Cape Miami Herald
5-18 1986 6-Feb Triumph To Tragedy---Challenger Explodes Page 8A (FPO) Laminated Florida Today
5-19 1986 30-Apr Worst nuclear disaster ever! (Chernobyl) Orlando Sentinel
5-20 1986 10-Jul A tragedy that didn't have to be (Challenger disaster) Orlando Sentinel
5-21 1986 1-Jun The Shuttle SAGA--Books 1 & 2-The Challenger:Triumph, Tragedy-Special section Florida Today
5-22 1987 25-Jan One Year Later for Challenger Orlando Sentinel
5-23 1987 28-Jan Reagan regrets arms 'risk' Florida Today
5-24 1987 28-Jan JAN. 28, 1986 ETCHED FOREVER (Challenger Final Hours) Orlando Sentinel
5-25 1987 16-Jul Titusville Centennial 1887-1987 Florida Today
5-26 1988 29-Sep Discovery's Up! - 2 copies Florida Today
5-27 1988 30-Sep Flight to the Future Shuttle Discovery - Historic Edition (1 copy + 1 laminate) Florida Today
5-28 1988 16-Nov Haulover Canal Rich in History by Norma Goethe plus Bob Hudson's Mullet Wrapper Titusville Star-Advocate
5-29 1988 Dec Discovery--Back to the Future--Special Edition Florida Today
5-30 1989 8-Feb Baseball's a Hit with Selby Bailey plus Bob Hudson's Mullet Wrapper Titusville Star-Advocate
5-31 1989 20-Jul Apollo II the Lunar Legacy Special section Florida Today
5-32 1991 17-Jan U. S. storms Iraq (FPO) Laminated Florida Today
5-33 1991 17-Jan Massive Air Raids Slam Iraq Targets Houston Post
5-34 1991 18-Jan Iraq strikes Israel Florida Today
5-35 1991 19-Jan U.S. stalks missile sites / Iraq bombed Florida Today
5-36 1991 28-Jan Iraq's army defeated Florida Today
5-37 1991 2-Mar Iraqis delay talks Florida Today
5-38 1991 5-Mar Iraqis riot against Saddam Florida Today
5-39 1991 6-Mar 1st Troops due home Thursday (Desert Storm) Florida Today
5-40 1991 8-Mar War in the Gulf--Commemorative Edition USA Today
6-01 1992 24-Aug ANDREW ROARS IN (Hurricane) Palm Beach Post
6-02 1992 25-Aug Everthing is Gone (Hurricane Andrew aftermath) Palm Beach Post
6-03 1992 26-Aug Desperation-Damage was estimated at $20 Million (Chaotic aftermath) Palm Beach Post
6-04 1992 27-Aug 250,000 HOMELESS (Andrew aftermath) Palm Beach Post
6-05 1992 30-Aug Facing the Fury of Hell---Special Report (Hurricane Andrew aftermath) Palm Beach Post
6-06 1992 13-Dec LAST MEN ON THE MOON - 20 years later Florida Today
Location Box-Sh. Publish date: Year Day/Mo. LEAD STORY Publication
6-07 1993 21-Jan President Clinton--Clinton is sworn in as President (FPO) Laminated Florida Today
6-07a 1993 30-Mar North Brevard's New Frontiers Florida Today
6-08 1994 23-Apr NIXON DEAD AT 81 (plus laminate Florida Today
6-09 1994 16-Jul MISSION MOON: 1969 - 1994 Florida Today
6-10 1995 8-Dec by Jove! Galileo arrives (FPO) Laminated Florida Today
6-11 1996 5-May 35th Anniversary (Space review from Mercury to Apollo) Florida Today
6-12 1996 6-Nov Clinton (Bill) cruises to win Florida Today
6-13 1997 18-Jan Delta 2 Rocket Explodes Florida Today
6-14 1997 2-Jul If you don't succeed, fly, fly again - Columbia launched Florida Today
6-15 1997 3-Sep Encephalitis in South Brevard; Diana's Paparazzi may be charged Florida Today
6-16 1997 6-Sep Mother Teresa Dies (plus laminate) Florida Today
6-17 1998 28-Jun 2 Brush Fires Burn in North Brevard Drought of 1998 Florida Today
6-17a 1998 1-Jul Shifting Winds Fan Flames-Force 4,000 to Evacuate Florida Today
6-18 1998 2-Jul Brevard In Flames--Homes, businesses lost as fires rip across county (FPO) Laminated Florida Today
6-19 1998 3-Jul "I Lost Everything" Drought of 1998 Florida Today
6-20 1998 4-Jul Relentless Fires Drought of 1998 Florida Today
6-21 1998 5-Jul Is Rain On Horizon? Drought of 1998 Florida Today
6-22 1998 6-Jul Still Dangerous Drought of 1998 Florida Today
6-23 1998 7-Jul AAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Drought of 1998 Florida Today
6-24 1998 8-Jul Brush Fires Spark Ferocious Fight plus Bob Hudson's Mullet Wraper Titusville Star-Advocate
6-25 1998 12-Jul Firefighting 'not just a job' Drought of 1998 Disney Magic coming to port Florida Today
6-26 1998 23-Jul Police chief Carl Newland succumbs to cancer at age 47 North Brevard News Observer
6-27 1998 30-Jul Enchanted Forest Sanctuary receives $2.5 Million from Preservation 2000 North Brevard News Observer
6-28 1998 2-Aug Summer of Fire--Special Section Page 1 through Page 24 Florida Today
6-29 1998 25-Oct An American Hero's RETURN TO SPACE (John Glenn) Florida Today
6-30 1998 25-Oct Age of Discovery:77--Astronaut Glenn's return to space Miami Herald
6-31 1998 27-Oct Glenn, Discovery crew step closer to history Florida Today
6-32 1998 27-Oct Countdown to history (John Glenn); Poll shows political parties in dead heat USA Today & Orlando Sentinel
6-33 1998 28-Oct 'Out of this world' (Glenn launch prep) / Space Coast at center of universe Florida Today
6-34 1998 29-Oct GODSPEED, DISCOVERY (with John Glenn) Florida Today
6-35 1998 30-Oct Six heroes, one legend - Go 7! (John Glenn) (plus laminate) Florida Today
6-36 1998 31-Oct Glenn enjoying flight, view Florida Today
6-37 1998 31-Oct Discovery STS-95 (with John Glenn signature) Space Launch News
6-38 1998 1-Nov Launch captures World's Eye (with newspaper headlines around the world) Florida Today
Location Box-Sh. Publish date: Year Day/Mo. LEAD STORY Publication
6-39 1998 8-Nov Mission accomplished (Glenn returns from space) Florida Today
6-40 1998 8-Nov Glenn exits crew transport Orlando Sentinel
6-41 1998 9-Nov NASA get Glenn's gratitude Florida Today
6-42 1998 12-Dec 10,000 strong, parade fans say it all (on John Glenn's return) Florida Today
6-43 1998 20-Dec IMPEACHED (Clinton) Florida Today
6-44 1999 13-Feb ACQUITTED (Clinton) Florida Today
6-45 1999 17-Jul Astronauts (Armstrong, Aldrin, Cernan, Cunningham) ReLive history Florida Today
6-46 2000 1-Jan January 1, 2000 - Magic hour greeted with Joy Florida Today
6-47 2000 12-Oct 100th (mission) soars toward station (on Discovery) Florida Today
6-48 2000 27-Nov Bush Winner by 537 Votes Florida Today
7-01 2000 10-Dec U. S. supreme Court halts Florida recount (FPO) Laminated Florida Today
7-02 2000 13-Dec Divided court rules for Bush (FPO) Laminated Florida Today
7-03 2000 14-Dec Bush next president; Gore ends long fight (FPO) Laminated Florida Today
7-04 2001 19-Jan Clinton Bids Farewell Florida Today
7-04a 2001 11-Sep TERROR-U.S. Cities Under Siege Florida Today
7-05 2001 12-Sep Freedom itself was attacked' says George W. Bush (on 9/11) Florida Today
7-06 2001 12-Sep Today, our Nation saw Evil' (9/11) Orlando Sentinel
7-07 2001 13-Sep Scope of horror grows (on 9/11); Terrorist linked to Florida Florida Today
7-08 2001 14-Sep Gruesome search (in twin towers) Florida Today
7-09 2001 15-Sep Bracing for war--Senate backs use of force; (FPO) Laminated Florida Today
7-10 2001 16-Sep Bush: 'Get Ready'; Military prepares for post 9/11 Orlando Sentinel
7-11 2001 23-Sep Florida's Terrorist Network--Military irons out plans Florida Today
7-12 2002 11-Sep Life before, during and after 9/11 Florida Today
7-13 2003 1-Feb Columbia Lost-Shuttle explodes during re-entry over Texas-20 pg. special ed. Florida Today
7-14 2003 2-Feb Probe targets wing (Columbia) Florida Today
7-15 2003 2-Feb Fatal Return-NASA searches for answers (Columbia disaster) Orlando Sentinel
7-16 2003 2-Feb Shuttle (Columbia) Breaks Up, 7 Dead New York Times
7-17 2003 3-Feb NASA scours data on Columbia failure Florida Today
7-18 2003 4-Feb Tank foam assumed 'root cause' of failure (Columbia) Florida Today
7-19 2003 5-Feb NASA warned in '94 of potential dangers Florida Today
7-20 2003 6-Feb The FINAL MOMENTS (Columbia) Florida Today
7-21 2003 7-Feb State braces for impact (on post-Columbia launches) Florida Today
7-22 2003 8-Feb 'Hail Columbia' Memorial Service for astronauts Florida Today
7-23 2003 9-Feb NASA stretches safety budget (post-Columbia effect) Florida Today
Location Box-Sh. Publish date: Year Day/Mo. LEAD STORY Publication
7-24 2003 14-Feb Breach left orbiter exposed (Columbia analysis) Florida Today
7-25 2003 21-Mar Troops invade Iraq; bombs rip Baghdad Florida Today
7-26 2003 24-Mar Casualties, POWs temper advance (into Iraq) Florida Today
7-27 2003 25-Mar Allies hammer Bagdad defenses Florida Today
7-28 2003 31-Mar Damage before re-entry allowed hot gas in (Columbia) Florida Today
7-29 2003 9-Apr O'Keefe expects shuttle launch next year Florida Today
7-30 2003 10-Apr Baghdad Falls--Iraqis cheer as Regime Collapses Florida Today
7-31 2004 6-Jun "American Original"--Former president Ronald Reagan Dies FPO Florida Today
7-32 2004 18-Jul Apollo memories - Apollo II 35th Anniversary-Special Section Florida Today
7-32a 2004 14-Aug Charley Rips State, Clips Space Coast Florida Today
7-32b 2004 15-Aug Hurricane Charley Aftermath Florida Today
7-33 2004 3-Sep GRIDLOCK (I-95); Brevard flees Frances Florida Today
7-34 2004 4-Sep Anxious Wait as Storm creeps toward coast--Hurricane Frances Florida Today
7-35 2004 5-Sep BATTERED; Hurricane Frances hammers Brevard Florida Today
7-36 2004 6-Sep POWERLESS; Hurricane Frances damage report Florida Today
7-37 2004 7-Sep LONG LINES; Brevard waits for gas, ice, electricity Florida Today
7-37a 2004 8-Sep HURTING-Hurricane Frances Florida Today
7-38 2004 11-Sep No rest for the wary--Hurricanes Ivan & Frances Florida Today
7-39 2004 14-Sep Frances' toll nears $360 M--Hurricanes Ivan & Frances Florida Today
7-40 2004 17-Sep Pensacola in Pieces--Hurrican Ivan Florida Today
7-41 2004 18-Sep Disaster & Despair--Hurricane Ivan Florida Today
7-42 2004 19-Sep Ivan's ruins--Hurricane Ivan hits Florida Today
7-42a 2004 24-Sep NOT AGAIN-Hurricane Jeanne Florida Today
7-43 2004 25-Sep ON THE EDGE; Brevard awaits Hurricane Jeanne Florida Today
7-43a 2004 26-Sep INTENSE-Hurricane Jeanne Florida Today
7-43b 2004 27-Sep DEJU VU-Hurricane Jeanne Florida Today
7-44 2004 28-Sep DIGGING OUT; Brevard recovers from Hurricane Jeanne Florida Today
7-45 2004 5-Oct Mercury astronaut Cooper (Gordon) dies Florida Today
7-46 2004 10-Oct Rocket program deep in the red Florida Today
7-47 2005 27-Jul Day of Discovery--Back in flight, discovery takes off Florida Today
7-48 2005 9-Aug Home, Safe-Discovery lands in Calif.-8 pgs. of Discovery coverage-(2 copies) Florida Today
7-49 2005 10-Aug A Spectacular Job' Discovery lands at Edwards Air Force Base Florida Today
7-50 2005 1-Sep City Abandoned--New Orleans mayor: Thousands' may be dead FPO Florida Today
Location Box-Sh. Publish date: Year Day/Mo. LEAD STORY Publication
8-01 2006 5-Jul Star-spangled Start-Special Report-Discovery's historic July Forth launch Florida Today
8-02 2006 23-Dec Home for the holidays (Discovery lands at KSC) Florida Today
8-03 2006 27-Dec Ex-President Ford, 93, Dies Florida Today
8-04 2006 30-Dec Saddam dead - Iraqi leader hanged Florida Today
8-05 2007 24-Oct Museum host annual Cracker Day plus Bob Hudson's Mullet Wrapper Titusville Star-Advocate
8-06 2008 5-Nov Obama Wins--Historic race ends with first black US President Florida Today
8-07 2010 9-May The Voyage of Discovery Florida Today
8-08 2011 25-Feb Discovery's Final Flight Florida Today
8-09 2011 10-Apr Shuttle Legacy Florida Today
8-10 2011 2-May bin Laden dead--President;"Justice has been done" Florida Today
8-11 2011 8-Jul THE LAST ONE (Shuttle) Florida Today
8-12 2011 9-Jul Atlantis Final Launch Florida Today
8-13 2012 23-May Dragon conquers First challenge Florida Today
8-14 2012 26-May Historic Link-up Paves new Path SpaceX, NASA cheer after Dragon parks at ISS Florida Today
8-15 2012 1-Jun SpaceX scores 'grand slam' Florida Today
8-16 2012 1-Jul Special Edition-KSC 50 Years as America's Gateway to Space Florida Today
8-17 2012 5-Aug Cleared to Land (Curiosity on Mars) Florida Today
8-18 2012 7-Aug Mars Feat a Marvel Florida Today
8-19 2012 17-Aug Ships that Pass (Endeavour & Atlantis)-Section B Florida Today
8-20 2012 21-Aug War Claims Another Hero Florida Today
8-21 2012 26-Aug 'One Giant Leap'-Neil Armstrong 1930-2012 Florida Today
8-22 2012 3-Sep Bob Hudson Dies (on pg. 9A) Florida Today
8-23 2012 20-Sep Thanks, Endeavour Florida Today
8-24 2012 7-Oct Money Shot (Space X's Dragon) Florida Today
8-25 2012 8-Oct Business Trip Off to Blazing Start Florida Today
8-26 2012 11-Oct Dragon's Delivery (to Space Station) Really Hits Spot Florida Today
8-27 2012 13-Oct Atlantis Ready to Roll Florida Today
8-28 2012 28-Oct Launch-pad talk focuses on long-gone hometown Florida Today
8-29 2012 2-Nov Atlantis embarking on a mission to inspire Florida Today
8-30 2012 3-Nov WHEELS STOP - Atlantis Final Journey Ends Florida Today
8-31 2012 21-Nov Santa's Helper - 8 AHS Cheerleaders in Macy's Day Parade Florida Today

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