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Titusville Florida's historic Pritchard House

Pritchard House Gardens
Titusville, Brevard County, Florida
North Brevard Heritage Foundation

Pergola Garden

Layout of the Preitchard House Gardens.


The “Olde Dawgs” is a core group of about thirty Titusville High School alumni who graduated between 1958 and 1961. Some attended elementary school together, others joined along the way as their parents moved to Titusville to join the Space Race. Titusville was a very special hometown during the 1950s, and fond memories are shared of our time at THS and the friendship bonds formed as we continue to be in every sense of the word “brothers and sisters”.

The Pritchard House holds a special place in our hearts because it is a part of our history. The Pritchard grandchildren were a part of our lives, many of our parents were friends with the Pritchard family, and while attending THS some of the boys worked at Pritchard Hardware and parents shopped there. After graduating from THS many moved away to work, attend college or serve in the military, but more continue to move back home to Titusville. A small group from the class of 1961 had been meeting for lunch once a month for about ten hears, and that nucleus of a few has now grown to as many as 50-75 people.

The “Olde Dawgs” core group of thirty meet every Wednesday for TGIW, continue monthly lunches, and several times a month some enjoy dinner together. The men continue to tell fish stories and talk about …” remember when,” and the women have “all girls” activities and share stories about grandchildren or the latest pet. The “Olde Dawgs” enjoy taking cruises together which is always fun and provides substance for storytelling and laughter for months. We love and care for each other deeply and share a sense of pride in our participation of bringing a bright future to the historic Pritchard house and Family History Gardens.

Don Ball
“Old Dawgs” sponsors listed below.

In Honor of the Enduring Friendship of
Titusville High School Classes 1958-1961

Martha Jane & Luke
Libbie Pate Puckett
Bernard & Barbara Taylor
Bob & Lynne Bass
Martha Stewart
Bill & Bobbie Brown
Phil Woodham
Pete Bohannon Metzger
Jean Cooper Rhodes
Gale Cooper Repich
Kay Ramer Cooper
Joanne Cooper Ramer
Vicki Ramer Jefferson
Michele Ramer Richards
Denise Ramer Baumn
Mike Ramer
Robert Tomberlin
Bill James
Bruce Radcliffe
Jack & Marlene Blankenship
Linda Warren Nolan
Bill & Bobbie Partain
Bob Langgle
Mary Bass Munnis
Rick & Edie Custer
Donald & Patty Snowden
Class of 1960 Reunion Committee

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The historic 1891
Pritchard House
424 South Washington Avenue
Titusville, Florida

P.O. Box 653, Titusville, FL. 32781

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