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A lady spirit ghost.

Attention all Downtown Titusville Businesses, and/or Residence of Titusville.

The time is approaching fast for the start of the Downtown Titusville Ghost Tours.
The main goal has not changed. The funds generated from Ghost Tours and or Hunts will be used to support Downtown Titusville.

Dates to remember:

September 10 Layout investigation of Homes and Businesses that wish to participate in Ghost Hunts. This is not open to the public. Just the investigators counting square footage, steps, and picking up any readings.

October 2 Ghost Hunt Interviews Will be used as commercial, Youtube, Web Video, and facebook promotion for the following weeks kick-off.
    Street interviews of the crowds coming to do Ghost Hunts. This is open to the public and only need two three locations available. No Payment will be distributed to any participating locations to film promotional video.

October 8 Kick-off of Ghost Tours and Ghost Hunts
    These locations will be selected from the Layout Investigations.

October 28 TitusNites Trick or Treat

October 28-30 Downtown Titusville Haunted House

October 29 Ghost Tours and Ghost Hunts

November 18 & 19 Space Coast Paranormal Conference Super 8 is the hosting hotel for the conference.
    Super 8 has an estimated 300 people in attendance for the conference.

November 18 & 19 Ghost Tours and Ghost Hunt
Would need as many places as possible for the Conference people to Hunt in small groups and then rotate during the evening and the next day.

Non-Compete Agreement For any person or business participating in the collection and or research of paranormal activity in Titusville.
Photo Release and/or Paranormal Story Release Form Anyone who submits a photo or story for the tours or hunts.
Employee Non-Compete Agreement - for any paid or volunteer worker.
Liability Waiver Forms Anyone who purchases a ticket for a Tour or Hunt must sign.

Adding February 2012

Schedule coming closer to the event
Downtown Titusville Haunted Homes walking tour
Historic Walking Tours
Hearse Driving Tours to various locations in Titusville

Gina Stanford
Downtown Coordinator-Titusville
Main Street Titusville Program Director
2000 South Washington Ave.
Titusville Fl. 32780

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