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Connecting YOU with the people of North Brevard
and around the world.

Through the REINVIGORATED North Brevard Business (& Community) Directory

Working logo for the upcoming directory. Navigate Brevard Business Directory
Our plans to convert the NBBD into the most modern of business directories has run into the massive (4,500 pages) resources of the current directory. That is a lot to convert! We are still working on that - but it will take time.

With the new directory's sophistication the costs will necessarily rise to be a competitive low compared to similar directories.

When you join us now, you will be guaranteed the prices will remain unchanged for the period for which you have paid (up to 6 months). No sudden jump at the transition and you will be able to choose your level of participation based on experience with the new format.

The NBBD is a unique resource. Built by an educator on the principles of an encyclopedia, it holds unparalleled local resources for people who want to understand and participate in our communities. Those who want information that is easy to find, interrelated and meaningful, will find a comfortable, helpful home here. Perhaps it's simplicity and detail is its secret to success (KISS)*. Check our websites to see our current styles.

CLICK HERE for information on advertising on NBBD pages.

Here's what we offer:

As of July 1, 2016, the prices on this page take precedence over all previously published prices.

NBBD webcard image $120.00/year or $75.00/6 months hosting
Set up is included*
Contains: 1 graphic, complete contact information & 120 words of description
Click here for an application with details.

VALUE ADDED: Your Facebook "Page Plugin" (Like Box) can be added to your WebCard so viewers will be kept up to date with your latest news! (where possible)

NBBD webpage image $60.00* for set-up and $60.00/3 months hosting
It can contain up to 6 graphics and up to 600 words of description.
It can contain announcements of special events and PDF forms and newsletters, etc.*
My form to simplify getting your webpage(s) started on the NBBD is found at:
Click here for the form. It will give me the information I need to public your business and to optimize your webpage for my internal search engine and the major search engines. On that page, click on the blue dot near the bottom center. That will bring up the form. Copy the entire form and paste it into a MS Word or Pages document.
You can then answer the questions using your word processor and send the whole thing to me as an eMail attachment along with your individual graphics.

NBBD webpages image $60.00* set up for first page, $30.00* for each additional page and $90.00/3 months hosting
No specific limits. These sites can contain as many graphics** and pages as you wish.
It can contain announcements of special events and PDF forms and newsletters, etc.
See form for "getting started" above.

Helping hands. Traditionally the NBBD has provided websites as a public service. Free is not financially viable.
Please, if you have a marketing budget and are able, I'm asking that you pay the full prices above.
If you are a small, local organization that gives nearly all back to the community, I ask that you pay half of the above prices.
If that is impossible, please let me know and I'll do what I can.
If you are a governmental organization, without a marketing budget, I shall maintain a website for you here. You are vital to our community.
If you have an existing site on the NBBD, I ask that you join in helping make the NBBD sustainable, by participating as above. Simply send a check and I'll set up, or modify, your account and send you a receipt.
Your help with this is very much appreciated.

You will be listed on the NBBD's Non-Profit Organizations Directory.

* Can be more if the set-up is particularly complex.
** Galleries, sliders, etc. can incur additional charges.

Eagle landing by Bob Paty
  • Descriptive listing on the NBBD Businesses sub-directory.
  • Simple listing on the homepage and 3 primary NBBD sub directories.
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization.
  • This includes developing your webpage and basic submission as neededed.
  • Most important, it will be on the NBBD which is "spidered" by the Search Engines nearly every day. That will help you to get found! This is a value to even the largest businesses, with sophisticated websites of their own.
  • Hosting may be paid in 6 or 12 month increments if you wish.
  • Hosting fee includes minor updates to your webpage(s).
  • You can purchase an ad on the right side of many of our busiest non-profit and attraction websites - see below.
  • Your Directory URL will be:
  • You will be making sites for festivals, federal sites, events calendars, charities who can't pay, and many community services, possible on the NBBD!

VALUE ADDED: Your Facebook "Page Plugin" (Like Box) can be added to your NBBD website so viewers will be kept up to date with your latest news! (where possible)

DOMAINS Full domain services for your website
Registration: If you want to own your own domain name (ie: Not needed for a web site on NBBD.COM. Register your Domain name for $25.00/yr or $40.00/2 yr.
Hosting: Rental of space on the server (computer) that is connected to the Internet or on the Community Directory NBBD.COM. $120/3months w/marketing
Production: The time spent gathering materials, preparing text, photos and graphics for the Web, coding in HTML, and setting the web site up on the host (server). $ as above.
Marketing: Optimizing your web site so that it shows up on the Search Engines. Submitting to the Search Engines. Informing you on how to integrate it into your other marketing activities. $ included.

Encouraging visitors to shop local. CURRENT SITUATION
Exploring unique possibilities for promoting your business or activity.
Under development, subject to discussion. Information: 321-267-7367.
The column of ads are on the right side of many attraction and non-profit organizations' NBBD webpages. Currently (June, 2016) they are viewed an average of 711.8 times a day. I have received requests to advertise there.

The small ads (120px x 90px) that are there now cost $30.00 for 3 months and have been running for years.
Ads can be as much as 250px wide. I am open to offers for the size that fits your needs. Starter suggestions are: 250px x 125px: $60/3months -- 250px x 250px: $120.00/3months. Please call to discuss your needs and offer: 321-267-7367. Ads link to your NBBD webpage(s). There will be a $10.00/month surcharge for links to an outside website.

If there is a page (with ads) that you would like to sponsor (see the ad at the top of the right column could be as large as 250px x 72px. Linkage as the right column ads above. Cost would be $30.00 for 3 months.

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Created: July 1, 2016