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North Brevard - Titusville, Florida - Community Directory
Titusville Florida's Community Intersection on the Information Superhighway. Flag of the United States of America
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Space View Park: Mercury 7 sculpture with bridge in background.
Photo by Melody
          Titusville, Florida's Space View Park. The Mercury 7 monument - dedicated to the men and women who put the first Americans in space in the early 1960's. Behind it is the new high-rise bridge that crosses the Intercoastal waterway and the Indian River Lagoon, America's most diverse estuary. Under the bridge is a great fishing pier. Beyond it are NASA's Kennedy Space Center, the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and Canaveral National Seashore's Playalinda Beach with 24 miles of unspoiled Atlantic beach.

          Next door is the Veteran's Memorial Park. To the south-west is Downtown Titusville, home to businesses, museums, restaurants, music concerts and street parties. Across the highway to the north are major public recreation areas in Sand Point & Marina Parks and the substantial Titusville Marina.

          That's just the Downtown. The community has more than 60 restaurants and more than 40 parks & sanctuaries. Large home supply & department stores and hundreds of small businesses that cater to local needs. We are part of a "quadramodal" transportation hub - Interstate, rail, air, sea and space! Large and small industries take advantage of our skilled workforce (with skilled workers becoming available for new businesses as NASA slows down).

          In this 4,000+ page directory you'll find descriptions of more than 60 nearby places to go and things to do and an up to date calendar of events. We are a relatively quiet town with active schools, churches and civic organizations. It's a great place for retired folks and families. And, we are within an hour of many of Florida's greatest attractions. Local folks and visitors are invited to explore this directory and participate in the fulfilling life style that North Brevard offers.

the North
Brevard Area

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Dial 211 For 2-1-1 Brevard, Inc., Brevard County's unique hotline for help with health, human services and governmental programs available in the county.
Dial 911 from your cell phone if you question that the flashing lights behind you are a real policeofficer, or to report any roadway incident or any personal emergency.
Report Litterbugs: • 537-6801 or Cingular *522


Titusville is a wonderfully varied community.

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A solidarity movement for gender equality.  
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